The Mean Meme Trick Room Team

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A Trick Room Centered Synergy Based Doubles Team (Mostly Geared for UU Honestly)
(Everyone on the team is -Spe and 0 Spe IVs)
Leads with either Slowking/Bisharp or Camerupt/Throh

Regenerator/Iapapa Berry
252+SpD, 252 Def, 4 Hp
-Trick Room
-Confide (See Lower)

The Center of the Team, the main TR setter and the team's main special tank, can come in and out with regenerator and support with Scald Burns.

Defiant/Air Balloon
252+ Atk, 252 Hp, 4 SpD
- Knock Off
- Brick Break
- Iron Head
- Protect

This is what Confide is for, can draw attention for Slowking to set TR, then get boosted and start dealing heavy damage at the start of the 2nd turn.

Alolan Exeggutor
Frisk/Life Orb
252+ SpA, 252 Hp, 4 Def
-Trick Room
-Draco Meteor
-Wood Hammer

The other TR setter on the team, focuses on checking items (mainly focus items) then blasting the opponent with all it has, setting TR if neccessary.

Guts/Flame Orb
252+ SpD, 164 Def, 92 Hp
-Storm Throw (See Below)
-Rock Slide
-Knock Off
-Thunder/Ice Punch/Substitute

A bulky, hard hitting physical mon that does well in trick room and helps cover some of the teams weaknesses, hits 101 Substitutes, can pierce defense boosts with Storm Throw and trigger Anger Point (See Below).

Anger Point/Assault Vest
252+ Def, 248 Hp, 8 SpD
-Rock Slide
-Flame Charge

Hard hits to both opponents are the name of the game, paired with Throh can set up an effective Belly Drum for only 28% HP, then go straight to attacking on the same turn.

Mega Abomasnow
Snow Warning (Soundproof)/Abomasite
252+ SpA, 248 Hp, 8 Def
-Giga Drain
-Focus Blast
-Rock Slide

Big Damage, Big HP, just all around big, good for dealing with enemy rain and sun which this team really doesn't like.

And that's it! A Trick Room Team with some underated mons that I had a blast making!

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Hi Eddiegames! Unfortunately, there's a few things I have to point out: firstly, you've posted this thread to the wrong subforum—this one is more for general DOU metagame discussion, whereas your team would fit under the SM Other Teams section of the appropriately-named Rate My Team subforum.

The next thing I'll point out is that Defiant doesn't actually work in the way you imply it does. Defiant is only activated when an opposing Pokemon lowers one of the Pokemon's stats, so your ally Slowking's Confide won't activate Defiant. This leads me to the third point: not knowing that this doesn't work shows that you haven't actually tested this team at all, which is frowned upon quite a lot when you're posting your team, since you should put some effort into working out the kinks of your team before you get others to look at it.

Regardless, I'm locking this thread. Feel free to post a version of this post, preferably with slightly more detailed descriptions, in the aforementioned SM Other Teams subforum once you've tested the team more thoroughly.
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