The metagame's other face: NU-like cards (?)


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With the advent of new sets, I think most of you will agree with me about looking forward at some of the excellent cards Dark Explorers is birnging to the TCG metagame. Dark types look much more viable than ever thanks to beasts like Darkrai Ex, Dark Patch and Dark Claw for example among others.

However we're all already talking about those at next door's thread so what I propose to discuss here is simple: NU-like cards.
I personally ignore if there's a more accurate term for these but I'm actually innocent enough to believe that every single card, for as weird (or useless) as it looks, has a purpose in a metagame (kinda), pretty much like NU pokemon.

Anyway this thread is meant to find out whether these NU-like cards actually can find a spot in decks "somehow" and add something unique to them given the right conditions (even if it's something little), or conclude that these cards are indeed just Gamefreak's way to say "problem?" to us =.=

So to start this I want you all to take a look at what is probably one of the weirdest cards Dark Explorers is bringing to us. Weird Because I have yet to figure out a way to actually use it ._. Ladies and Gentleman say hi to: Slowbro

Ability - Airhead: If you have 2, 4 or 6 prize cards left, this pokemon can't attack

WC - Lazy Headbutt - 80 Damage
This Pokemon is now asleep

When I first saw this card I thought "Oh great! slowbro! :D". Then dissappointment came while looking at his poor 100 HP. "Oh well guess it's not gonna be too bulky after all *sigh*" Then I saw his low cost-high damage attack "80 damage for 2 energies? Sign me in, I always get heads on sleep check anyway xD". Retreat cost was just what I expected from a pokemon like this, but what shocked me most (and probably all of you as well) was reading at probably one of the weirdest abilities in the game which, basically, says that slowbro can't attack during almost half of the match ._.
I tried to follow the logic behind it already (aside from just being in incredibly complex way to nerf an overall "just ok" card) but I wanna hear thoughts from everyone on this one... What was GF thinking? D:
Slowbro might become playable if fire decks ruled the format, and they ran many EX's such that you could take the initial prize, then 2 prizes per turn afterward, keeping your "prizes taken" count on odd numbers.

Groudon and Donphan are also weak to water, so Slowbro could be used for 1HKO'ing them (with a pluspower in Groudon's case). It all depends on metagame shifts.

Alternatively, in draft format, Slowbro is a beast. 2 energy for 80 damage with 100 hp, it's ability is almost necessary to balance what would otherwise be a very good card. I say almost because there are the EX's/big basics etc... which completely destroy cards like Slowbro.

One of the things about obviously bad cards is that, one day, they might not be so terrible with the advent of a new card. For instance, what if Gamefreak printed a card that made it so that Your pokemon that are asleep/statused could not be damaged by attacks, or something similar (kind of like Sweet Sleeping Face, but an ability for a bench-supporter).
I was interested and decided to show you a HG/SS card i have, the non holo version of Metang. I don't have Metagross so this is the next best thing.

Ok, 80 HP, decent for what it is. It has 2 decent attacks, in the form of Hammer In, and Double Smash, with both requiring one steel energy. It really can do well, and i have won a few games. I was astonished by the power Double Smash could deal, 100 power maximum, seemed good. I always seemed to get heads anyway.

One other pokemon that seemed decent enough while i was searching through my collection was Skuntank.

Low energy needed for this. 80 HP, again. It also came with Stun Gas, a move that either Poisons or Paralyzes the foe. Both of these could be helpful, though poison really doesn't seem to help. Fury Swipes can do maximum 90 Damage, which is very nice, though it does have the downside of being a Coin Chance move.

Keep in mind i do not play the TGC, though i do collect them. These are the best i could come out with, so if you could correct me, that would be great.
Well... Metang is an NFE, so there's very little to discuss. The two Metagross' in the format are Metagross UD and UL.

Metagross UD is a starter deck rare with 130 HP, and 2 attacks (1 decent). It's first attack for MMC does 70. It's second for MMCC is a "Flip 4 coins" attack, with 50 damage per heads. That's not terrible, and with Fliptini and Klinklang to move metal energy around it could even be a usable, powerful tank. Combine it with cards like Special Metal Energy, Klinklang and Max Potion and you have a pretty scary Pokemon right there.

Metagross UL is also pretty decent. 130 HP and a Darkrai-esque Poke-Body that gives free retreat to Pokemon with Psychic Energy attached. CC for 60 or PPP for 40 to two benched Pokemon. This Metagross is mostly a supporting-type, but not bad. I can see it being pretty decent in a Gardevoir deck. Both of these Pokemon are NU though, because they're slow to set up, and the benefits they offer are generally too easily removed by a simple Catcher.

Skuntank isn't really useful since it's first attack, even if paired with Fliptini, can't do anything. It's just "either I poison them and I die, or I paralyze them without doing damage." It's just not that great a card... Haha. Lilligant EPO would work way better.

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