The Mirror Match II Tournament -- Signups

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Approved by Earthworm
eric the espeon said:
This tournament is designed to remove three large parts of the game, in order to examine in detail one aspect of competitive Pokemon: Skill. This will be achieved by making sure that each player is always using the same team as their opponent.

Here is what is removed:

  • There is no need to build a "good" team, your opponent will always start with whatever you do. You may try building a team which you will be more comfortable with than your opponent, but will not have a material advantage.
  • You will not be guessing about your opponent's team during the battle, you will know exactly what choices they have and may make your moves accordingly. This lack of uncertainty allows for much more long term planing.
  • There will never be an uneven team matchup, which often makes a match one sided despite even skill levels and effort put into team building.
Rules that will be static regardless of matches:
  • Timed Battle ON
  • Sleep Clause ON
  • Self-KO Clause ON
  • Random Battle OFF
  • Moody is banned.

The following options are up to the player:
  • Team Preview -- Each player can determine if they want Team Preview in their match or not.
  • Evasion Clause -- Players may opt to use Double Team or whatever in their movesets, given the match does not become a 50/50.
  • OHKO Clause -- Players can opt on whether they want OHKO moves or not for their team.
  • Released Status -- Players may opt to use unreleased items and unreleased ability/gender combinations. If an unreleased ability is used though, egg moves/tutor moves from previous generations will not be allowed in conjunction with these unreleased abilities.
  • Battle Style -- Players may opt to make this Singles, Doubles, or Triples.
  • Species Clause -- Players may have as many of the same Pokemon as they want given it is not a crapshoot. (I.E. 6 Scarfchomps with Outrage.. This will be expanded upon later.)
  • Freeze Clause -- Players may select if they want Freeze Clause on or off.
  • Strict Levels -- Players may opt to specify which Pokemon are at which level.
  • Specific Generation -- Players may opt to play whatever generation they would like.
  • Specific Simulator -- Players may choose to use either Pokemon Online or Pokemon Showdown.
Apart from the Moody Ban, there will be two other restrictions for teambuilding.
  • No crapshoots -- Any team that basically relies on luck. Ex: Metronome on all 6 mons, Same mon 6 times with choice scarf + SE Move, will be banned. For this reason, Moody is banned.
  • No excessively long teams that were designed to stall themselves out. If a match goes past 250 turns, the player that did not make the team wins.

To have a team approved, it must be publicly posted in the thread with restrictions and clauses on the bottom. The sets must be copied exactly as instructed in the OP. If nothing is listed, 31 IVs in all is assumed. If a player does not copy the team right, that player will automatically lose the match (3 matches make up one round.) Either I or a TD will approve a team by underlining that person's name in the round.

A vs B

To clarify, this is a best of 3. Players A and B will play each other in three games. One will require both of them to both use A's team and follow the rulesets A has provided. Another will require both of them to both use B's team and follow the rulesets B has provided. The third will require both of them to both use the hosts' team and follow the hosts' rulesets. The team and ruleset the hosts will require you both to use will change every round. Collaboration with teambuilding is encouraged.

Signups end: Monday July 2 at 11:00 PM EST

  1. Earthworm
  2. dragonuser
  3. mostwanted
  4. Mithril
  5. Noodlez
  6. Cristal
  7. MikeDecIsHere
  8. Pkrs
  9. Lady Bug
  10. Heist
  11. 199 Lives
  12. Tiffanyy
  13. Django Reinhart
  14. .Robert
  15. Omicron
  16. FelixMinamimoto
  17. ENZ0
  18. ThePillsburyDoughboy
  19. Ningildo
  20. Darkhallway
  21. Soulwind
  22. Marshall.Law
  23. BKC
  24. ThatsMyLatios
  25. Asek
  26. D4RR3N
  27. Hangover
  28. pokebasket
  29. McMeghan
  30. complete legitimacy
  31. mfhoundoom
  32. keelhauled
  33. Cicada
  35. Expert Physics
  36. HoiPolloi
  37. AuraRayquaza
  38. Rydro
  39. HardCore
  40. DarkLoïc
  41. davidness
  42. Double01
  43. dragonboy52
  44. Eo Ut Mortus
  45. MOET
  46. Frz
  47. Kojes
  48. CheezItKing
  49. Brotom
  50. SethZiBritannia
  51. IceCarAdler
  52. Pedrock
  53. DC.
  54. DarXide
  55. viashinomage
  56. Zebraiken
  57. Ravix
  58. Orichalcos Owl
  59. Ginku
  60. Ciele
  61. ~GreenCore
  62. [K-12] The Madchine
  63. Basti
  64. Grimm70
  65. Dracule Mihawk
  66. idiotfrommars
  67. Light The Thunder
  68. blarajan
  69. ShadowFC
  70. Blue Eon
  71. Immoral Wombat

First 7 picked do not get in:

[02:18:25] <@Andrew> !rng 41 71
[02:18:26] <&wormbot> The number 68 has been randomly selected.
[02:18:27] <@Andrew> !rng 41 71
[02:18:27] <&wormbot> The number 50 has been randomly selected.
[02:18:28] <@Andrew> !rng 41 71
[02:18:28] <&wormbot> The number 47 has been randomly selected.
[02:18:30] <@Andrew> !rng 41 71
[02:18:30] <&wormbot> The number 62 has been randomly selected.
[02:18:31] <@Andrew> !rng 41 71
[02:18:32] <&wormbot> The number 58 has been randomly selected.
[02:18:32] <@Andrew> !rng 41 71
[02:18:33] <&wormbot> The number 53 has been randomly selected.
[02:18:33] <@Andrew> !rng 41 71
[02:18:34] <&wormbot> The number 47 has been randomly selected.
[02:18:36] <@Andrew> !rng 41 71
[02:18:37] <&wormbot> The number 59 has been randomly selected.
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