The Most UBER Tournament Ever II [Signups]

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Approved by TDs | Tournament Rules | Originally hosted by bojangles, Hugendugen, and Zephyr

The Most UBER Tournament Ever II

Hosted by Furai and FireMage

Art by the magnificent icepick

It is Time. We are going to end BW2 Ubers with a BANG. And a big one too.

The most monstrous tier of all has lost a lot of its grace during the fifth generation. Don’t see quite why though. Every Pokemon here is Based. Literally. 150 SpA based Kyogre with the hardest hitting move in the game, for example. These titanic beasts that lurk literally everywhere mean that you are never safe. One misplay, one blink, one miscalculation, and you’re eaten alive by Dragons like Rayquaza and Kyurem-W. Fast-paced, heavy-hitting, everything is allowed. Ubers is a tier created by the beasts, by the titans, by the best of Pokemon. May your Gyarados do work if you’re trickroom and your Charizard die a horrible death.

Our beloved tier is not getting the love it deserves, unforatunately. Mainly because of the skill presented over the Ubers ladder. It is time to give it the love it deserves. It is time to put on a show. My sidekick @FireMage and I are here to resurrect one of the best Uber tournaments, hosted originally a year ago by bojangles, Hugendugen, and Zephyr: The Most UBER Tournament Ever (or, MUTE). To move on in this tournament, just battle decision skills won’t cut it—I came up with a set of teambuilding restrictions to make it just a bit harder :) But enough of this chat, let's get into the real deal.

General Tournament Rules

  • Fifth Generation, BW2, unless stated otherwise
  • Standard ~UBERS~
  • Single Elimination
  • Species Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Self-KO Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • All battles are to be conducted on Pokemon Online or Pokemon Showdown!, up to the players' and the generation played
  • Keeping logs is not a must, but if something happens you might as well have proof!

Special Rules

  • This will be a team tournament similar to Team Trials. They will be teams of 5
    • Sign up as a team
    • Every member on the team must confirm
    • Give a kickass name to your team
    • A Free Agents list will be held for those without a team. No teams will be made by FireMage or me; so express your interest and seek for those Free Agents!
    • **IMPORTANT: When you sign up as a team, each member will be randomly assigned to be in a Division (A-E are possibilities). When teams play each other, people will play the corresponding player in their division. The restrictions will be given by division as well. YOU MAY NOT CHANGE DIVISIONS.
    • We will be taking 16 teams. Because you are signing up in teams, there will be no randomization, so we will take the first 16 teams that are assembled.
  • Every round, teambuilding restrictions will be given for each division. You must follow them:
    • Round 1 - Players will be given a Pokemon they are required to use and a Pokemon they are not allowed to use. The one that you’re required to use must be on your team, but you don’t have to build around it.
    • Round 2 - Players are given two types, such as Poison and Rock, and must choose a Pokemon of each type to be used on their team.
    • Round 3 - Players will be given a core, consisting 3 Pokemon, they must use.
    • Round 4 - Players will be given an item or a type of item they are not allowed to use.
  • Yes, this means you are building a new team every round. I still expect people to adhere to strict deadlines.
  • Work on the Pokemon teams as teams!

Free Agents:
  • PDC
  • HBK
  • Anno nyme
  • Paul L.
  • Brap
  • rileydelete
  • NightFox
  • E1337falc0
  • King

  1. Team IDM [ Blim / Dice / Problems / blackstardust / LuckOverSkill ]
  2. Team US BEAST [ august / Bad Ass / BKC / dragonuser / Jayde ]
  3. Team Fabulous Fairies [ Faint / Melee Mewtwo / CBTerrakion / LonelyNess / -Manaphy-- ]
  4. Team SD Ghostceus [ Kebabe / Hack He Must / Steelskitty / Blue Jay / polop]
  5. Team Kenny and his Bullies [ Kenny / Fusxfaranto / TropiOUs / Imanalt / ShakeItUp ]
  6. Team Brave Bird Blaziken [ ZoroarkForever / finalninja243 / TFL / SmashBrosBrawl / Megaman Zero 4 ]
  7. Team niggas based [ el poeta / Chisposo / davidness / Kruzes / 1996ITO ]
  8. Team RT. for UU Tiering Leader [ PsYch071c / RT. / blarajan / Bloo / McMeghan]
  9. Team #slutpower [ Lolkomori / atomicllamas / Brammi / Lasagne21 / Nozzle ]
  10. Team (BAN ME PLEASE) [ Danilo / papai noel / M Dragon / Hantsuki / Eo Ut Mortus ]
  11. Team Shell Smashing Smeargles [ Anikrahman1995 / Sweep / Phoenix The Risen / Imma Fly / MasterxLeon ]
  12. Team CB Ferrothorn [ ogasian / orch / Azure Demon / scorpdestroyer / Dr Ciel ]
  13. Team ##### [ Ezio / Cherub Agent / Jirachi / Fiction. / harsha2014 ]
  14. Team DEMACIA [ Sandglass / IkariShinji / Asator / natedaishmaster / Little Jirachi. ]
  15. Team DUKES OF HAZARDS [ Audiosurfer / Mizuhime / Pwnemon / Pocket / PDC ]
  16. Team johns [ FLCL / Annoyer / Zebraiken / Soulgazer / Raseri ]
Substitute Teams:
  1. Team SKY PORRA [ kael / silver ghost */ Lost */ element */ @ * ]
  2. Team OZARD [ ZodiacTheKid / Kiyo / ThunderBlunder */ Wepwnemon / Omfuga216 ]
  3. Team In the cut [ Laurel / ZoroDark */ Truuu / Myzozoa */ Pkrs ]
  4. Team TBD [ D4RR3N / Bryce / High Impulse */ aim / @* ]
* indicates requires confirmation
This tour is going to be heavy on teambuilding and Ubers metagame knowledge. IRC is not required by any means, but I encourage you all to come on down to #pokemon or #ubers on synIRC to help with your Ubers knowledge and discuss the implications of each Pokemon on the metagame! Click here for tutorials on how to log on or use this handy link to jump right on via Mibbit![/user]
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