The Most Uber Tournament Ever III - Signups

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Introduction (written by yohoE)

Welcome all to the 3rd edition of the Most UBER Tournament Ever, also known as MUTE. This tournament will be co-hosted by Fireburn and yohoE.

Ubers is a tier where only the manliest, most based Pokemon reside. Pokemon such as the behemoth, Primal-Groudon; Pokemon like the bloodcurdling Mega-Salamence. You see, there are no counters in Ubers, and there are close to no safe switch-ins. In Ubers, you always have to assess your situation; you always have to think about which Pokemon you don't need, and which Pokemon will bring you the win. This Tier is as fast-paced as they come; this Tier is as team-reliant as it comes. As stated in former MUTE Tournaments, our Tier, sadly, is not getting the attention and love it deserves. In the words of the great Furai, it's time to give Ubers the love it deserves. We will be rekindling arguably the best Ubers tournament ever created, hosted originally by some of the all-time Ubers greats such as Bojangles, Hugendugen, Zephyr, Furai and Firemage: THE MOST UBER TOURNAMENT EVER!

General Tournament Rules
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
  • Standard ORAS Ubers
  • Single Elimination
  • Species Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Evasion Clause (note, this is not normally banned in Ubers, but it will be for this tournament)
  • Endless Battle Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Self-KO Clause
  • Swagger Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • Matches should be conducted on Pokemon Showdown! You may play on Pokemon Online if both players agree to do so.
  • Save replays of your games in case of discrepancies!
Special Rules:
  • This will be a team tournament akin to Team Trials. They will be teams of 5. We will have 16 teams, chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Sign up as a team
    • Everybody on the team must confirm
    • Come up with an awesome name
    • For those who do not have a team, I will be keeping a list of “free agents” so go ahead and express interest! I will not be making teams though, so it is your responsibility to seek out other free agents.
    • IMPORTANT: When you sign up as a team, each member will be randomly assigned to be in a Division (A-E are possibilities). When teams play each other, people will play the corresponding player in their division. The restrictions will be given by division as well. YOU MAY NOT CHANGE DIVISIONS.
  • Every round, each division will be given a teambuilding restriction. You obviously must follow this.
    • Round 1 - Players will be given a Pokemon they are required to use and a Pokemon they are not allowed to use. The one that you're required to use must be on your team, but you don't have to build around it.
    • Round 2 - Players are given two types, such as Poison and Rock, and must choose a Pokemon of each type to be used on their team. Arceus formes do not count towards satisfying this requirement.
    • Round 3 - Players will be given a core, consisting 3 Pokemon, they must use.
    • Round 4 – Players will be given an item, a type of item, a move, or a type of move that they are not allowed to use.
  • Yes, this means you are building a new team every round. I still expect people to adhere to strict deadlines.
  • Build your teams with your team!
Free Agents:
  1. dramadrama
  2. TewMew
  3. Spydreigon
  4. Half of Two
  5. Vileman
  6. Pelipperr
  7. Joryn
  8. Erick17
  9. shartruce2
  10. Heidoe
  11. Springtrap
  12. Exiline
  13. NotAGymLdr
  14. SparksBlade
  15. SD Dragon Ascent
  16. oml its too ez
  17. Bull Of Heaven
  18. candyflip
  19. Sunchipps
  20. fran17
  21. Mega-Swampert
  22. Fox-Air4
  23. RedMaxxx
  24. Syncrasy
  25. silver97
  26. Master Sunny-EX
  27. Ruby.
  28. Zeno;
  29. Bughouse
  30. harsh
  31. Niky
  32. fleggumfl

  1. we hate death metal | dice / BKC / Sweep / Jibaku / Nayrz
  2. give us teams pls | Metaphysical / petyer / xShiba / Vapo / BreloomMyHomie
  3. Defiant Gods | WreckDra / Safes / Lord Outrage / D4RR3N / Astounded
  4. RATE YOUR TOP 5 XY PLAYERS + STEELPHOENIX | PROBLEMS / Hack / Edgar / Blim / steelphoenix
  5. Big Guccis | Cheek Pouch / Ranger Helmut / Clefairy / -Clone- / Cherub Agent
  6. Wasabi Trap Lords | Geotal / Fortune / GGamer / Stockings / 1Orange1
  7. fat orch will quash all competition | orch / ZoroarkForever / hyw / Level 56 / malefic
  8. Lady Gaga and Her Little Monsters | DontStealMyPenguin / Northern Lights / Lady Gaga / XCellistSpectacular / pillowpokemon
  9. canada lol | StarmeiTheGod / user php / benbe / Thetwinmasters / n00b
  10. S'pore Smeargles | DropTheBass / Timeless / ZANBAKUResh / Altina / Blader96
  11. Uberkulemthos | NocturOP / Shinigami / Shockblade Kongou / ImSNT / ZaelTX
  12. Tunak Tunak Fun | Drum'n'Bass / Quaggster / SockeFTW / Mael / Tyrannosaurusshrekt
  13. kiss from a roserade | Krauersaut / Mr.378 / Myzozoa / Tomahawk / Steve Angello
  14. Undecided | Unlucky Desperado / Neil. / jacob / *oml it's too ez / Doctor_DraX
  15. Haruno and Four People Who Don't Play Ubers | Haruno / shrop05 / Lasagne / Tricking / Can-Eh-Dian
  16. Lucky 'n Dab | PomMan / byronthewellwell / DracoMaster Dab / Monsters of Men / Final Demolition
A * indicates that this user has not yet confirmed their team membership.

Substitute Teams:

  1. two salt shakers and the spice cabinet | haxiom / kingmidas / Thugly Duckling / absdaddy / Haunted Diamond
This tour is going to be heavy on teambuilding and Ubers metagame knowledge. IRC is not required by any means, but I encourage you all to come on down to #pokemon or #ubers on synIRC to help with your Ubers knowledge and discuss the implications of each Pokemon on the metagame! Click here for tutorials on how to log on or use this handy link to jump right on via Mibbit!
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I will be free agent for now. However I will be looking for a team.
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