The Most Uber Tournament Ever III - Signups

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You thought you could challenge me?
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Confirming, but allow me to reiterate what steelphoenix said 'Confirming that this tour is basically over' now that I have joined, you may as well all just click X. But benbe change team name to 'Starmei's disciples' imo


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Team zzz

DracoMaster Dab
Final Demolition
Monsters of Men
Disaster Area

Disaster area will be unbanned by the first round, so hopefully there are no complications there.

EDIT: confirmation from DA as he is the only one incapable of giving it yet.

We are also not opposed to being called Lucky n Dab.
Unfortunately, banned users are not allowed to sign up for tournaments under any circumstances until their ban expires, and waiting for a week is a bit too much. Please choose a different 5th player. While he can sign up if signups are still open when his ban expires, I cannot guarantee that your team will have a slot in the tournament if you choose to wait that long for him, as teams are not officially in until all members have confirmed.
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