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the nba goes to disney world mafia

hosted by Jalmont & dopog. (mostly) approved by Da Letter El

hi : )

this is a 10 v 3 mafia game with some light flavour based on the NBA’s planned return to action inside flippin’ Disney World.

it’s a closed setup game so you don't know which roles are in the game.

we think it'll be fun and have some compelling aspects.

~ the biggies
1. Everyone experiencing the game as fun and competitive is more important than any one person winning or being right.
2. Use thoughfulness and compassion in your language and the way you interact with others. This includes using words such as ‘vote’ or 'elect' or 'day kill' instead of ‘lynch’ to talk about voting someone out of the game. It also extends to generally just thinking about the fact that other people playing this game are people, regardless of their alignment.
3. Unless explicitly stated in a communication from Jalmont or dopog, only talk about the game in the thread during the day, or with us in the PM we sent you or on discord.

~ setup related info
1. There are 10 Town-aligned players and 3 Mafia-aligned players in this game. There are no other teams.
2. The Town are the “Disney World Bubble” and the mafia are the “Bubble Crashers”.
3. Mafia can communicate in a private pm/discord at all times (i.e. they have daytalk).
4. There are no roles defined as "bastard", but there is at least one role considered not-“normal” in this game.
5. There is a least one Vanilla Town role in this game.

~ the rest
General Rules/Game Etiquette

1. Obey all site-wide rules.
2. Again, communication outside the thread is not allowed unless otherwise stated by or with Jalmont or dopog.
3. You may not quote private communication of any kind! This includes moderator-supplied information (either real or fabricated) of any kind. Paraphrasing (for role claims, etc.) is acceptable.
4. Outside of a 'bah' post don't post in the game thread if you're dead.


1. Prods after 24 hours of no activity.
2. You get 24 hours to respond to the prod, or else potentially get replaced. You can re-enter the game so long as no replacement has been found.
3. Any player prodded 2 times is subject to possible replacement without further notice.
4. We reserve the right to force replace players at my own discretion.
5. If you have an active ability you can use, please submit your action, even if you are telling us you are idling/not using it.
6. If you anticipate being unavailable for more than 24 hours please PM us. Talk to us.
7. More generally, feel free to talk to us about anything to do with the game over discord or in PM’s anytime.


1. Each Day Phase will last 72 hours.
2. Each Night Phase will last 24 hours
3. Extensions are given only in extreme circumstances.

Player Voting

1. A simple majority of all living players must agree on one person (via voting) for someone to be voted out (simple majority = ½ # of living players +1, rounded down). If no one has a simple majority of votes at deadline, the person with the most votes at the time will be voted out.
2. If there's a tie, the person who received the total number of votes first will be voted out.
3. Votes should be clear, placed on their own line separate from any paragraphs.
4. You don’t need to unvote before changing votes but it’s kinda helpful.
5. Votes made using nicknames or abbreviations will be counted at our discretion. Fake vote gambits should be executed at your own peril. If we think it’s a vote, then it’s a vote.


1. Don't impersonate us. No invisible/small/encrypted text is allowed.
2. Whoever originally wrote these rules really doesn’t like encryption lol. Don’t use it.
3. Any situation not explicitly covered above is subject to our discretion and will be handled as we see fit on a case-by-case basis.

how to join
sign-up by replying to this thread with something at least mildly enthusiastic

1. M2H
2. HeaLnDeaL
3. Duskfall98
4. Clarinet
5. Haruno
6. MoodyCloud
7. M24
8. Giri
9. Calem DPU

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