NU The NeverUsed League - Cycle 1 - Round 7 (Losers)


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Art by Albinson

Welcome to the first cycle of the NeverUsed League! We have decided to make the NeverUsed League count towards the 2021 NU Tournament Circuit. This means that points earned in the NeverUsed League, together with all other NU Tournaments that count towards this Tournament Circuit, will determine who will fight in the eventual NU Tournament Circuit Playoffs. More on that can be found here. All you really need to know is that if you do well here, you have a shot at getting a cool and highly unique ribbon.

Here is this years format and general rules:
  • There will be 2 cycles - all of which will be standard Double Elimination SS NU Tournaments
  • All sets played will be Best of Three series
  • All points gained in the NeverUsed League will count towards the NU Tournament Circuit, and is by far the best shot you have to score lots of points to guarantee a Playoffs spot
  • Don't be toxic or show bad sportsmanship, you'll get infracted.
  • Please take your time to read the general scheduling guidelines below
  • Please schedule for your games asap and give a reasonable window of times and availability

Losers Bracket

vs. Mac3
Sabella vs. Baloor
Chloe vs. TMM
UBERLandon21 vs. false
tlenit vs. blinkboy
Dflo vs. Vileman
Elias PSY vs. Pepeduce
Luck O' the Irish vs. TonyFlygon (given win) (renchon in winners)
EternalSnowman vs. Ho3nConfirm3d
Bag of Trixx vs. TDNT
McSim vs. wuhoodude
Feaniix vs. Lilburr

The deadline for this round is Sunday, February 21st at 10:59 pm GMT-6
The deadline for extensions is Wednesday, February 17th at 10:59 pm GMT-6
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