NU The NeverUsed League IV - Cycle 2 - Round 2


Yo where Ken at
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won in 3 great games, thanks for playing today even tho i kinda gave you the win. gl in the future rounds!


volition immanent
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Youngster_Bill vs Kingofcrimea - Kingofcrimea missed multiple scheduled times
hjkhj vs LuckyPiper - hjkhj ignored LuckyPiper
Chokepic vs Yoshi - yoshi ignored Chokepic
Gorfield vs egalvanc - egalvanc wasn't there during the scheduled timeframe

Plas vs Enzo Gorlami - no public contact from either side
faded love vs Dandy Highwayman - idem
NEWAL vs esche - idem
bugzinator vs RaJ.Shoot - idem
-Niko- vs Jytcampbell - idem
dahli vs Earth - idem
Staxi vs toytean - idem
rylon vs rozes - i'm not sure what happened to this match since both players seemed to be actively scheduling with eachother but the match hasn't been played. I've asked both players on what happened so i will change this decision according to the situation at hand.
I always save screenshots of the coinflips I do on PS, if you think you or anyone else is treated unfairly you are free to PM me or post in the thread to ask anything.

Round 3 (Losers only) will be up soon, enjoy your week off winners!

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