NU The NeverUsed League V - Cycle - Round 6


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Welcome to the first cycle of the NeverUsed League! We have decided to make the NeverUsed League count towards the 2019 NU Tournament Circuit. This means that points earned in the NeverUsed League, together with all other NU Tournaments that count towards this Tournament Circuit, will determine who will fight in the eventual NU Tournament Circuit Playoffs. More on that can be found here. All you really need to know is that if you do well here, you have a shot at getting a cool and highly unique ribbon.

Here is this years format and general rules:

  • There will be 2 cycles - all of which will be standard Double Elimination USUM NU Tournaments
  • All sets played will be Best of Three series
  • All points gained in the NeverUsed League will count towards the NU Tournament Circuit, and is by far the best shot you have to score lots of points to guarantee a PlayOffs spot
  • I will keep a close look on toxicity and bad sportsmanship in this thread. Shit-talking in battle / this thread is okay to some extent, but know that there will be consequences if you cross the line
Winners Bracket
Jrdn vs. naruto(sage)
vs. Espeonage.
Pohjis vs. Rodriblutar
vs. LordST
HANTSUKI vs. Twixtry
ZoroDark vs. Elias PSY
vs. Carmin
Eternally vs. FLCL
Blast vs. SANJAY
Bad Player vs. Osh
Sjneider vs. DoNotStealMyName
cielbakasan vs. yeezyknows

Losers Bracket

voltix31 vs. Taskr
Quartosa vs. Staxi
Realistic Waters
vs. 0NI
Kushalos vs. Megazard
Teaquoo vs. Santu
Cam vs. soTsoT
vs. EternalSnowman
robjr vs. Teddeh
banks vs. Garay oak
Lopunny Kicks vs. Snou
vs. PILZ
Averardo vs. Kingler12345

extension deadline: Wednesday, February 6, Midnight EST
deadline: Sunday, February 10, Midnight EST
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gonna have to call act on garay, don't want to do this but we scheduled early in week for friday night (preferably early), as i made it clear i'll be totally unavailable after friday night, he's been online on disc for most of the day and scheduled time and i've waited for about 3 hours now, and i need to get an early night since i'm up early tomorrow

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