Tournament The Neverused Premier League II - [Player Signups]

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Username: MegaFairyFlareon
Timezone: gmt +1
Metas Playing: BW2 NU, XY NU

EDIT: I'm gonna have to drop out because i'm gonna be out of town from thursday to early august (i forgot sorry) and i'm not gonna have enough time to get on showdown regularly (only in the evenings or not at all).
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An Auction time has been set - 10pm GMT+1 (5pm EDT) [Approx 24 hours from this post]

Sign ups will last up until an hour beore the auction time. Anyone signing up after this time may not get to participate.


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Username: praj.pran
Timezone: I dont have correct time zone as i am travelling
Metas Playing: BW NU
Like anyone would like to watch that divefest.

On a serious note, the managers are what matters. If they wanted to watch, they would have said they weren't available at this time. They are, so the auction takes place at this time. At least that's my take on it.

Deej Dy

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Deej Dy

NU BW and XY
RU BW and XY
Rand Batz (Need i say more?)

Les do dis
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Vitriolic Vilepumes | Manager: FLCL | Players: Silentverse / cbt / Hot / Kushalos / Annoyer / Jirachee / New / Jayde / Bluwing / Double01 / Livio / Karane

Army Of Armaldos | Manager: Quite Quiet | Players: SOVIET / aladyyn / Royalty / Finchinator / Brawlfest / Nozzle / iTeddeh / Deej_Dy / NeverUsedTier / Meru / The_Goomy / Bazi / Expulso / violett / JCM / ZangoosePro / HJAD / srk1214 / Metal / Barton / FireMage

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Air Huy Avaluggs | Manager: tennisace | Players: Cherub_Agent / -Tsunami- / Fagtron / ShuckleKing87 / Oglemi / Nova / Magnemite / Rowan / Galbia / Audiosurfer / Bedschibaer / innovamania / Sidfrid / mfhoundoom / Apt-Get / Jedimono8895

final team rosters.

new = new breed
hot = hotncold
metal = metalsonic

probably one or two more like that, but those are the only ones I remember.

full log:
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