The Neverused Story R4 - BW2 Initial NU

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The Neverused Story

Amazing Art by the equally amazing Bummer
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Neverused is a tier where all the cast offs from all of the other tiers reside. From here they all form a home and duke it out in a place where they have a chance to shine. This is the Neverused (but always loved) story.

This tour is designed to take you through each gens Neverused Tier bringing you from the Advance Generation all the way through to the current state of the Neverused metagame.
R2 - DPPt NU
R3 - BW1 Initial NU

R4 - BW2 Initial NU
R5 - BW2 Current NU
R6+ Best of Three ADV / DPP / BW2 (Current)

-All standard tournament Rules apply. And can be viewed here
- Play to the banlist I give you - if there’s a mistake in it, then please drop me a message. Every effort has been taken to ensure these banlists are accurate.
-There aren’t any restrictions on server choice. It may be preferable to use PO for ADV and DPP and Showdown for Black and White.

BW2 Inital NU Found here
Check the analysis to see if the mon has it's DW ability released or not. There are some significant changes in particular mons
If you are unsure on whether an ability is banned or not ask before you battle.

R3 Activity Wins

R2 Extensions - Deadline 30th August 10pm GMT+1
HotNCold vs Audiosurfer
FLCL vs ThePillsburyDoughBoy

[R3 Pairings
@Pat Labor vs @Fuzznip
@Raseri vs @PasY_G
vs @Hantsuki
(@Hot N Cold vs @Audiosurfer ) vs (@FLCL vs @ThePillsburyDoughBoy )

10 Days, 5th of September - 10pm GMT+1
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Pat Labor vs Fuzznip (win it all~~~)
Raseri vs PasY_G
Annoyer vs Hantsuki
(Hot N Cold vs Audiosurfer ) vs (FLCL vs ThePillsburyDoughBoy )
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