The Neverused Story - Round 1 (ADV NU)

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Go by the OP. The tier lists on site aren't always updated in older gens and there are multiple tier lists that exist for non official metagames. It's up to the hoster which is used and so long as they state what the tier list being used for the tournament is, then they can use whichever set it is. Like how all DPP NU tourneys use no Espeon and no Entei even though they aren't banned by Smogon officially.
A couple pokes in the adv/dppt list are uu in adv, like hitmonchan and cacturne, for example. is the link, correct?
Smogon's list is out of date, the location I got the list from (UUStadium) Continued to monitor the ADV stats after Smogon finished. Their list is somewhat more representative of ADV NU than Smogons is at the moment.

Lolkomori is subbing in over Celever

When Posting activity , please post a link to where you've (attempted to have) contacted your opponents.
i won vs brammi with a good deal of hax on both sides since one of my pokes tore a pretty huge hole in his team

gg wish it could have been cleaner
I have tried to get Basti to come on IRC, but I have yet to see him there. I asked him to come on at a certain time and he wasn't there. So... activity I guess.
on PS you, the player, have to basically keep track of what is possible and what isn't. PO has the gen itself implemented.

Also, me and my opponent should play tomorrow if everything goes well that is.
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