The NFL Fantasy Football Thread, 2017-18 Season


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Howdy folks! It's that time of year again. This thread will be the multi-purpose thread for all things fantasy football, from smack talk to signups to whining about injury luck. I will do my best to track who is in what league here.

Currently there are four leagues in existence. Returning players will be given a chance to reclaim their spots up until August 1st. If you have not rejoined your league by August 1st your spot will be given to a newcomer. If you are a returning player, please specify your League and the name of your team in that league when you register so I can properly track it. If you are a newcomer, please simply post your interest here and I will find an opening for you when it becomes available.

Let's have another great season!

The leagues are as follows:

League A [Commissioner: WaterBomb ]
1. WaterBomb
2. Texas Cloverleaf
3. shadowpandax
4. MrE
5. niggie
6. Stallion
7. ck49
8. Aerodactyl Legend
9. theamericandream38
10. makiri
11. Finchinator
12. fatty

League B [Commissioner: Lakers ]
1. Randombobman
2. Del Rio
3. Stallion
4. B-Lulz
5. bludz
6. Lakers
7. Mizuhime

League C [Commissioner: biggie ]
1. niggie
2. Texas Cloverleaf
3. Dubby
4. Del Rio
5. cbt
6. smashlloyd20
7. Pretzels
8. Flowsnakes
9. Bhris Brown
10. Umbra Soul

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Confirming leagues A and C

I forget the names but it's the wolf avatar

Also reckon I'll do the dynasty thing, WaterBomb do you reckon that should be officially under the smog fantasy football umbrella or done independently, I'm cool with either

Edit: for whom Odell tolls in league a

infinite dreamsleague c
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Confirming as Below-Average Bums in League A.

Hopefully this time around I won’t draft a bunch of WRs with terrible QB play and injury prone RBs yet still get to 10-4 like I did last season. Good to see that we have a six-team playoff and a flex this time around.

Also interested in the potential dynasty league if it can be set up.
I'm fine with running the dynasty league

Basically, dynasty acts similarly to real world football. You have your initial draft and those teams carry over in their entirety year over year, differentiating from keepers in that regard. Each year there is a rookie draft in reverse order of standing in place of a regular draft.

Much greater emphasis on trading as a path to team development and many strategies available both short-term and long-term. Significantly larger roster sizes as well.

I'd expect at least a five year commitment from each joiner, if owners bail out willy nilly it severely limits the ability to trade/tank/etc


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figure it out nigga

I'll do keeper or dynasty too if you guys need me, but much like I'm too lazy to play mons outside of SPL I don't really wanna make the effort unless you guys trying to start it desperately need one extra body.
Confirming Dubby Destroyers for League C.

Dynasty sounds interesting and I'd be willing to commit, but I can imagine a five year commitment might be tough for some users
Yeah, hence the advance warning. It's the only way for the format to work.

Tentative interest list for dynasty:

- Texas Cloverleaf
- WaterBomb
- Randombobman
- Aerodactyl Legend
- smashlloyd20
- Del Rio
- shadowpandax
- biggie
- MrE
- Dubby
- Stallion
- MK007
- ck49

If anyone else is interested let me know for the next week or so and then I'll get moving on setting up the league proper, confirming settings and size, etc
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In as Saints Air Raid in League B and Unemployed Youth in League C

Likely going to drop out of League C if this dynasty ends up being a thing tho


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Coming back was League B last year although i'll have to get my account sorted on my new phone :/ Tim Tebow's Toe was one of my names!
Posted in other thread, but might as well here. In and also in for dynasty. I don't know whether I'd do more than one if the dynasty actually happens though. Shift it to the A league?


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I think I'm in league B, but I forgot my name 'cuz it's always changing. I was Bill Cosbys Sleepers or Green Eggs and Graham or something

Either way, in
Texas Cloverleaf, WaterBomb, Randombobman, Aerodactyl Legend, smashlloyd20, Del Rio, shadowpandax, biggie, Mr.E , Dubby, Stallion, MK007, ck49

At the moment we have thirteen people who have expressed interest in the dynasty league with twelve people being my personal ideal number to target. I'd like each of you to please confirm your continued interest in this league as well as your degree of interest before we move forward (i.e. do you want to be in no matter what vs. would you give your spot up if others express interest or to cut to twelve). I'm not opposed to doing a 14 man league or doing keepers instead of dynasty as well, if that's what we collectively decide.

Once you all begin to confirm I'll set up a conversation on smogon and begin to invite you to the league I have set up for our purposes, in that convo we can discuss scoring and settings for the league. As things stand I have them set up more or less to my preference, but I will strive to be the facilitator for consensus decision as much as possible.

I'm still interested in the dynasty league. I'm curious to see what the scoring looks like right now as I've always been more of a PPR and/or special teams yards kinda guy myself. I setup a custom league for some friends several years ago and cranked up the scoring input which resulted in higher average scores but also increased the amount of legitimately usable players.
Confirming my interest in dynasty. Really hyped for half point ppr, my main league started doing that a couple years ago and I've really enjoyed it over standard and ppr.


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In for dynasty and in for half ppr. WaterBomb I'm happy to help organise the leagues after this year, maybe with some of the other established vets that you mentioned in your post.

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