The NFL Fantasy Football Thread, 2018-19 Season

Really happy with my team through the second half the season of league A. It took me winning 4 in a row, waterbomb losing 4 in row, and me finally putting up some really solid numbers to do it, but managed to get the bye. I'm really only worried about my WRs, most of them have been mediocre lately and sanders just went on IR. Hopefully Golladay, Cooper, and Robinson can pull through. Screwed myself at the beginning with the Thielen / Cohen trade, but I think I managed to make up for it by playing solid WR matchups and moving other pieces to get Mcaffrey for the 1-2 RB punch. Having Mahomes also hasn't hurt one bit lol. Wish Gronk was putting up numbers like past years, but he still has the ability to go off so I'm content for the POs. Good luck to you guys.
Week 11, me looking at my possible lineup when the playoffs come in League C

QB Roethlisberger
WR AJ Green/Golladay/Christian Kirk
RB Gordon/Conner
TE OJ Howard


Me looking at my possible lineup first week of playoffs

QB Roethlisberger
WR Jarvis Landry/Dante Pettis
RB Blount/Justin Jackson
TE Jaylen Samuels
FLEX who the fuck knows?

Hi I'm too lazy and busy (with returning to work) to do a more substantial review but: League A Playoffs Edition


Viable starting rosters be like
Mixon: Mahomes / Caff-Zeke / Sanders-Cooper-Golladay-ARob / Gronk
Whiteskins: Jackson-Carr / Gurley-Cohen-KJohnson-Riddick / Thielen-Hilton-Gordon / Hooper
Joshua: Brees / Gordon-Michel-Jones / Allen-Ridley-Davis / Ertz
Grudens: Goff-Wilson / Mixon-Johnson-Drake-SAMUELS / Hill-Juju-Lockett / Reed-SAMUELS
Odell: Rodgers / Coleman-Lindsay-Ekeler / Adams-Beckham-Baldwin / Engram
FBL: Watson-Wentz / Kamara-Conner-Cook-White / Jeffery-Reynolds-Humphries-DThomas / Graham
Pending waiver pickup, but Samuels is mine, yo.

Not betting against myself with my roster and depth. I'll take Whiteskins over Joshua's Unreal Team, I think he's got too much of an advantage at RB-WR with (Melvin) Gordon nursing injury. I'll take Mixon over Whiteskins in the semis, he's the best equipped at RB to put up similar numbers and if Mahomes and Gronk can do what they're capable of (big if for the latter) they should bring it home. And I plan to cruise to a CHIP but you never know.

Despite the lack of production from the vaunted Gurley-Thielen duo, I was extremely correct nonetheless.

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