The NFL Fantasy Football Thread, 2018-19 Season

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I almost benched Cook for Hyde in B but the blurb said Cook was likely to start and the Jets run D scared me. Next minute...
I simply forgot to swap Chris Thompson in for Hyde in my FLEX this week. I'm okay with this.
P. Lindsey just got himself ejected from the Denver game. Sucks whoever started him

Also what the actual fuck happened to Minnesota? Rudolph got the most garbage time touchdown of all time.
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I'd be more worried the wheels are gonna fall off Shady's old ass tbh.

I'll do a smol review of the League A draft I guess. Four of us missed the draft, I don't remember who though you could probably guesstimate based on roster and who drafted K/DEF early. (Those four would be theamericandreamthirtyeight, Aerodactyl Legend, zerowing, and Fink.)

Funky Butt Lovin' ( WaterBomb )
[QB] D.Watson, C.Wentz [RB] A.Kamara, D.Cook, J.White, J.Connor
[WR] D.Thomas, A.Jeffery, W.Fuller, J.Nelson, J.Washington [TE] J.Graham, V.Davis [DST] W.Lutz, PHI
High risk drafting here. Watson in the 3rd as first QB off the board might be fun, but it's a mistake by any reasonable analysis. Wentz should still anchor the spot anyway if Watson doesn't hit it big, really strong starting RBs. WR corps is the real risky biz. Both DT and Jeffery have potential to be top WRs, Thomas with an improved QB situation and Jeffery if he gets healthy, but the most likely case is they're both mediocre at best. None of the depth is reliable either but have potential to be starting material. Could easily be either dead last or run away with the chip.

The American Dreams* (tad38 does not have an account anymore or what?)
[QB] T.Brady, P.Mahomes [RB] L.Bell, R.Freeman, M.Mack
[WR] M.Evans, S.Diggs, J.Crowder, C.Godwin [TE] D.Walker, D.Njoku, J.Cook [DST] S.Gostkowski, LAC, ATL
I don't care how good he's alleged to be, the fact is that R.Freeman is starting on the wrong side of a timeshare to start the season and is by no means guaranteed to be a Top 20 guy. Mack also has upside, he might be an everydown back and if Luck is good to go the Colts might not be hot garbage, but he isn't likely to impress. Good third WR but the depth here is extremely worrying, good job autodraft with one okay and two waiver trash TEs. Also, like, the top K and a good starter DEF big whoop. Of course, the computer loves tad's lazy autodraft.

Like a Kevin Boss* ( makiri change your outdated team name already noob)
[QB] A.Rodgers, J.Garoppolo [RB] R.Burkhead, T.Coleman, B.Powell
[WR] O.Beckham, D.Adams, D.Baldwin, T.Williams [TE] E.Engram, O.Howard, C.Brate [DST] J.Tucker, MIN, NO
Top QB, nutty WR starters. Again, lacks depth having autodrafted three TEs and multiple defenses. I don't think he fared as well as tad, unfortunately, as R.Freeman's upside is better than this entire RB corps let alone Bell anchoring RB1 for tad.

Punts With A C ( biggie )
[QB] K.Cousins, D.Prescott [RB] S.Barkley, C.McCaffrey, Du.Johnson, R.Jones
[WR] A.Cooper, M.Jones, C.Hogan, D.Funchess, R.Matthews [TE] T.Burton, E.Ebron [DST] M.Prater, DEN
Overall good team I think due to a lack of serious weaknesses. There's no standout WR1, but a solid batch of likely WR2s. TEs aren't great but have better upside than most waiver trash. RB depth is fine, but he'll be dependent on Barkley performing to expectations to be a contender. Biggie was willing to take him over Kamara and the non-Brown WRs at #6 overall.

Spider 2 Y Bananas (me)
[QB] R.Wilson, J.Goff [RB] Da.Johnson, K.Drake, C.Hyde, C.Thompson
[WR] T.Hill, J.Smith-Schuster, C.Kupp, N.Agholor, R.Cobb [TE] J.Reed, T.Eifert [DST] H.Butker, BAL
I was high on both Hill and JUJU, so of course I ended up with both of them as my 2nd and 3rd rounders (#3 first pick). Round 4 my RB prospects were dwindling fast and I flexed to pick up Drake despite having Wilson ranked slightly higher overall; I still got Wilson anyway. I'm not one to take QB early, and QB depth this year is as good as it's ever been, but I think Rodgers and Wilson are 1-2 by a very significant margin. Part of taking Drake first was wanting to take Ingram as my RB3, but he got sniped and I had to settle for Hyde in the 6th. Walker went in R7 which is the last TE on my board I considered better than replacement level, so that's how I ended up with Reed in the 10th (!). I took Agholor with that pick despite having Lockett ranked ahead of him, not expecting Texas to sneak up and scoop Lockett up that early, bleh.

So, I'm mostly happy with my team. Obviously TE is a punt if the Injury Boys don't pay off, but considering Reed is a Top 5 guy if healthy (and possibly Eifert too) there's no risk at the point I took him. I don't think more than the top 5-7 TEs are any better than streaming off waivers. I've got the #2 QB, four reliable starters, and good FLEXing with upside. If one of my TEs stick, I'm a championship contender. If all my depth flops and Hill/Juju don't perform up to my lofty expectations, I'm struggling.

Joe Vincent Flacco ( Stallion )
[QB] M.Stafford [RB] K.Hunt, A.Collins, P.Barber, A.Peterson, M.Breida, J.Wilkins
[WR] Ju.Jones, G.Tate, B.Cooks, K.Cole, D.Moore [TE] G.Olsen [DST] D.Carlson, CAR
Eschewed single-starter positional backups for early season depth in the RB/WR corps. Despite loading up most heavily on RB, I actually like this WR corps more. Hunt is a reliable RB1 but Collins as RB2 is looking over his shoulder hoping not to get too much of his scoring poached by Dixon/Allen. Barber is kinda there, but can't be relied upon to hold the TB starting spot either. Peterson's very limited at this point even if he is technically the starter, Breida is on the wrong side of a timeshare with AlfMo even after the 49ers lost McKinnon, and Wilkins is probably irrelevant. In contrast, the WR corps has three safe starters and Cole with great upside. Good TE. Reasonable contender.

Lockett Down ( Texas Cloverleaf )
[QB] A.Luck [RB] L.Fournette, J.Mixon, L.McCoy, M.Lynch
[WR] M.Thomas, M.Goodwin, S.Shepard, T.Lockett, M.Williams, A.Miller, R.Grant [TE] V.McDonald [DST] C.Boswell, CHI
Reminds me of WB's team, very high risk/reward here. Main differences are that Texas punted TE and he doesn't have as good a backup plan if Luck sucks (though the depth still on waivers is surprisingly good, so nobody's totally screwed at QB honestly), but he has a better WR1 and literally four startable RBs, though both Mixon and McCoy are risky at RB2 (Mixon has to step up, or McCoy needs to not drop off and he's pretty old) while Lynch is more of a high RB3/FLEX. If Texas can flip one of those RBs for a more reliable WR2 rather than half a dozen low-end WR3s, he might be the man to beat. As-is, he's a volatile maybe-contender.

Kareem of the Crop ( shadowpandax )
[QB] M.Ryan [RB] D.Freeman, L.Miller, J.Williams, A.Morris
[WR] A.Brown, J.Landry, M.Crabtree, R.Anderson, J.Edelman, K.Stills, A.Hurns [TE] T.Kelce [DST] M.Crosby, PIT
RB corps are a smidge below average but entirely passable, Brown anchors a really strong WR corps sort of like the reverse of biggie's strong RBs and okay WRs. However, this team improves on biggie's balanced formula by having the #2 TE and Brown being more of a sure thing than Barkley. Ryan's not a great starting QB, but it's hard to argue the strategy given the depth of the position this year.

Whiteskins ( ck49 )
[QB] A.Smith [RB] T.Gurley, J.Howard, J.Ajayi, K.Johnson, I.Crowell, N.Chubb
[WR] T.Hilton, JOSH GORDON!!!, S.Watkins, P.Garcon, D.Bryant [TE] J.Doyle [DST] J.Elliott, TEN
Nice Dez meme pick. Best starting RBs in da lee, including a reliable #3, and I think Alex Smith is being criminally underrated as a QB starter. (I have him in the company of Brees and friends, not waiver trash like the expert consensus.) But boy is that WR corps risky as all hell. If they live up to expectations, or the RB corps anchors the team well enough that it doesn't matter if they do, this team will see success... but I'm glad it's not my team.

PatriotsAreCheaters* ( Aerodactyl Legend )
[QB] C.Newton, B.Roflsburger [RB] D.Lewis, M.Ingram, G.Bernard
[WR] D.Hopkins, A.Green, L.Fitzgerald, J.Doctson [TE] K.Rudolph, G.Kittle, C.Clay [DST] G.Zuerlein, LAR, HOU
The autodraft curse strikes again, three more trash TEs taking up space for what should've been good RB/WR depth. (Although Rudolph is arguably the last better-than-waiver TE.) Excellent starting WRs and one of the better starting QBs may anchor this team, but there's nobody behind Fitz at WR4 and boy that RB corps... Lewis is really risky and Ingram is missing the first four games, good as he may be the remaining 12, and again there's no depth.

Joshua's Unreal Team* ( Finchinator )
[QB] D.Brees, P.Rivers [RB] J.McKinnon, M.Gordon, S.Michel, A.Jones, C.Anderson
[WR] K.Allen, C.Davis, K.Benjamin [TE] Z.Ertz, R.Seals-Jones [DST] M.Bryant, JAX, GB
Sadly, autodrafter #4 the Fink was handed McKinnon. No sympathy, that's karma for not showing up and/or properly setting your autodraft order. Otherwise, this probably would've been a really good team because he ended up with the third best TE (and only one worthless backup), a solid QB, and both a strong RB1 (Gordon's really good despite the McKinnon mishap) and WR1. As-is, this team is a dumpster fire because his WR3 is pukeworthy and Michel's not suited to be an immediate starter.

Mixon Match ( fatty )
[QB] M.Mariota, D.Carr [RB] E.Elliot, D.Henry, C.Carson, T.Cohen, R.Penny
[WR] A.Thielen, A.Robinson, E.Sanders, R.Woods, K.Golladay [TE] R.Gronkowski [DST] G.Gano, NE
Sort of a mix between biggie and shadowpandax's team, being slightly RB-leaning but with a better WR1 and the league's premier TE. Zeke is a more reliable pick than Barkley, but Henry is a pretty weak RB2 and who knows if any of the WRs behind Thielen will actually live up to their draft positions.

My "Gunning for the Bye" Favorites: Kareem of the Crop, Spider 2 Y Bananas

Contenders: Joe Vincent Flacco, Mixon Match, Punts With A C, Whiteskins, The American Dreams

:smogthink:: Lockett Down, Funky Butt Lovin'

Autodrafters Who Are Less Lucky Than tad: PatriotsAreCheaters, Like a Kevin Boss

Literally Jerick McKinnon: Joshua's Unreal Team

T1) The American Dreams, Whiteskins (100%)
3) Kareem of the Crop (99.9%)
4) Spider 2 Y Bananas (99.7%)
5) Mixon Match (99.5%)
6) Like a Kevin Boss (94.3%)
7) PatriotsAreCheaters (91.8%)
8) Punts With A C (91.2%)
9) Joe Vincent Flacco (89.7%)
10) Lockett Down (86.9%)
11) Funky Butt Lovin' (84.6%)
12) Joshua's Unreal Team (80.2%)
I feel like I haven't been able to draft in Smogon in years because the times usually aren't very friendly for my work schedule. Pretty telling when my record in my other 2 leagues is 5-1 and I'm 1-2 right now in this one. I do like the challenge of trying to work back to a decent team with waivers, though Smogon waiver wire is usually very dire. Doesn't help my team is also getting pretty injured. Haven't been able to start Baldwin, Jimmy G done, Engram w2w, Rodgers questionable after week 1, Burkhead done. My original RB core was dogshit, it isn't much better now but Lindsay, Coleman and Ekeler will take me further than what I started with. Even if I don't win, hopefully it will be competitive. you can pretty much pinpoint when I stopped being able to make these drafts by looking at all time standings.


Also I changed my name, hope you're happy.
How the hell are you winless with a Gurley and Conner tandem? Most people would kill for that duo lol
Well I started Devontae Freeman over Connor week 1. I also have the most points scored against me and the second least in my favor. My luck is shit so far which can he evidenced in losing Jimmy G last week

Edit: I ALSO have the most points scored against me in our dynasty league.
Yeah I've heard this shit before. James connor and his 32 points sat in my bench in week one leading g to my winless record on league B. Join the party
tfw james white and gio bernard put up 50 points on your bench D:

tfw kamara and elliott put up 70 points as your starters :D

tfw james conner still to play

dynasty league is fun!

edit: kamara is a cheat code
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