The NFL Fantasy Football Thread, 2019-20 Season

And, apparently, the kickers.

Also, this gave me a heart attack, but thankfully it was only a yard.

Screenshot (234).png
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Why tf is the waiver system in league B based on priority and not FAAB? Are we fucking scrubs or are we men? Let's do the right thing and change that next season
That shit looked like a steal until I seen him unloading henry on you. I want no derrick henry stocks, none! Either dude is trying to sell high on him or he honestly thinks he's sending you value and is thus stupid. Try and make a counter offer that doesnt include that trash. Especially considering you're giving up Kelce who should see more work while Hill is out. As much as I love Hock being Lions fan, he wont be nearly as steady as what you're giving up in Kelce. I guess how badly are you trying to get out from under Brown?
I just fear for all the Patriots mouths that need to be fed.. and man who knows whats going on with Brown later, doubt he's worth the risk you know?

Well this is my crew.


and here is his.


so it's like.. do i want Michel? but then im stuck with both Patriots RBs.. my team needs work.


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Wentz, Winston + Kamara, K.Johnson, Mack, McCoy + Robinson, Kirk, Funchess + Kittle, Hooper, Walker + Zuerlein, Fairbairn + CHI
Autodraft for the win this time? I mean, I don't love the QBs but they'll do. Wentz can be great if he stays healthy. The WRs aren't obvious standouts but there's a lot of potential, as Robinson has proven in the past he can put up numbers and Kirk is a popular sleeper. Can't argue with three good RBs and one of the top TEs, though, and CHI is the one defense to reach early for, if any. Clear playoff contender.
My work schedule is the worst and I ended up only getting 1 of my 3 drafts done myself, not a huge fan of the team auto draft gave me. Like what am I going to do with 3 decent TEs, I'm probably always going to play the wrong one but they also seem too valuable to drop right away. But that's the problem with auto, I like to build through the waiver anyway and auto does a good job of giving a solid foundation.
A trade going on in my work league... why someone would want Gurley that plays half the game and a bad Steelers team WR is beyond me..


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