The NFL Fantasy Football Thread, 2019-20 Season

Man.. I'm so glad the #2s and backups to my Golladay and David Johnson had a career day..

Took a big shit and lost just horribly.. 61-78 (proj 121-95)

Rip my Mahomes and Will Fuller as well.

It was just.. a really fucking ugly week.
man.. fantasty can really fuck you if you don't win the matchups you should. Giving away wins and you soon pay for it once the byes hit your team hard and you face virtually "auto lose" matchups.
i dont think there's anything worse than when you make the wrong roster move and watch them pop off on the bench. Of course hindsight makes you go nuts..
Anyone ever lose on the last play of MNF?

Because I just did
Copied because of relevance.


Daniel Jones.. just end the fucking game next time.

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