Tournament The Not So Little Cup Tour - Round 1

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Round 1

Lil Infant Tylenol vs. Bye1
RaJ.Shoot vs. jake
Ildo vs. Bye6
Conni vs. XxAwesomePlayzxX
dcae vs. Tack :]
sister vs. PyProd
Luthier vs. TheFenderStory
fatty vs. tonithetourguide
Shrug vs. Martin
ItzViper482 vs. Quote
Magma vs. majaspic22
Casparov vs. Electrolyte
Bowas vs. Many
Bye7 vs. Ninjadog13
Aslan07 vs. Mikaav
Bye3 vs. Coconut
Sken vs. Bye4
Bye2 vs. ReadTheMango
Bye5 vs. Merritt
Serene Grace vs. tazz
Star vs. HSOWA
Funbot28 vs. Alore
DurzaOffTopic vs. Mirbro
Aaron's Aron vs. Haru

Deadline for round one is one week from today, October 15th at 11:59 PM! As far as what tier to play these games in, AG would probably work best due to a lack of BP clause, keeping in mind sleep clause and species clause won't trigger. There's a few byes so if a signup wants in by say Wednesday that could be accommodated. And try to post replays!
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