Tournament The Not So Little Cup Tour - Round 1

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A concussion update in my info tab
I’ll give Haru the win. We were unable to work out a time to meet to play. Not anybodies fault. I ended up spot tutoring people in math today and we couldn’t play our match.


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confirming that shrug beat me.

also yeah im out but i do kinda wanna mess around in this format so if anyone wants to test or even just build w/ each other then feel free to hmu on discord sometime


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calling act we were scheduled for sunday I was online and even played for some other tours but forgot to ping on vm which even he didnt so Im assuming he was inactive. Also he hasnt replied back sinc then


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Locking this. The host seems to have forgotten about this and most of the players lost interest. I think this can be revived in the future but some tweaks will need to be made, like having a more defined ruleset and smaller group of people to work with. Sorry lads.
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