The NU Open V - Round 1

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the cowboy kid
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hi, me and my opp mark to play monday so idk why u sub both of us if the deadline is 4, august!
This isnt fair and i dont need to post activitys when i already have contact my opp and mark the game.
You were subbed out because you and your opponent failed to contact each other using your VM walls within 72 hours. I stated that if you wanted to contact via another form of communication (PM, PS, IRC, etc.) that you needed to post in the thread that you had done so. The fact that it took both you and your opponent well over 24 hours from the post you got subbed out of to contact me about it doesn't speak that highly of your activity. You were supplied with instructions to avoid being subbed out and neglected them. Sorry, but my decision stands.

edit: In case it still isn't clear the reason I'm being so strict about activity despite the fact the deadline is a few days out is because we started the round with 60 substitutes. it's not fair to them to have a chance to play taken away from them because other users would rather not contact or let their games go to a coinflip. VM's and forum posts are the only visible way for me to tell that you have communicated with each other, which is why I specifically asked for those. This should serve as a reminder to everyone in the future that vm's are the preferred method of contact for tournaments.


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ggs Hack I don't think luck mattered too much in g1 honestly. Crit on Missy sucked, but I bet you win that one in long run anyway.
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