The NU Open VI - Round 2

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Sorry, wasn't able to get online yesterday to go over the extensions. Thanks to those who got their games done, be sure to contact your new opps if you havent already, on to the ones who didnt play:
(Alfabulous vs. Rapture) - activity
(Plaessy vs. Guilas D) -Guilas D made no effort to schedule after being given an extension despite several vms from plaessy
(cuzzie vs. Afsin) - coinflipped, this is why we schedule for exact times and locations
(Boomalacka vs. shade) - given win
(DennisEG vs. WhiteQueen) -activity
(blarghlfarghl vs. Mizucchini) - coinflip
(chimpact vs. Marcelinho Rodrigues) - compact has been way more active and marcelinho has missed several scheduled times
(RaepeRisagamer vs. LightCore) - lightcore won g1 and then reaper didn't appear to know it was bo3
(AZM7 vs. SaDiSTiCNarwhal) -activity, azm7 hasn't replied to a vm despite being online since the extension was granted.
(rob. vs. MegaStarUniverse) - coinflipped, can't see anywhere that the 3rd match was played. if this is an error on my end please post and tag me immediately
(HandsomSwagCat vs. DDarken)- coinflipped, both players have been online but havent tried to schedule a game since extension was granted

New matchups:
HandsomSwagCat vs BigPimpin12
chimpact vs carcy
WhiteQueen vs Zeden
LightCore vs soTsoT
rob. vs Natural Talent
Plaessy vs Lax
Rapture vs parivard
SaDiSTiCNarwhal vs insult
blarghlfarghl vs babidi1998
shade vs Acsel
Afsin vs SoulWind

If you guys need an extension to get these done that's cool (because I'm the one who's a day late), but please try to get them done this weekend. Thanks!
Kiyo we have a problem... the fact is that i can only battle today, and not the next days beacause i'm going on vacation (i return the 7th at night), while my opponent (Allstar) goes to school and he can only battle this weekend.... So i'm asking you if maybe we can battle the 8th? Please answer me and say what do you think, thank you.
yes you can battle the 8th, but if theres any way to get it done prior thats obviously preferable

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My opponent missed scheduled time twice and I made it more than clear to him that I cannot play on Saturday and Sunday due to travel plans. Activity post.

We were initially set to play on Tuesday, but he missed scheduled time.

Next, we scheduled for 45 minutes ago, but my opponent was nowhere to be seen. I will admit that there was a tiny error from my end where I messed up the date we were supposed to play, but I amended this promptly and confirmed our time to play today.

I will have very limited internet access until deadline, which is why I've completed all my other open games except this. The only tour I MIGHT be able to play is NUPL tomorrow but that isn't confirmed either.
Due to unforeseen paralysis of my left hand and right eyes, I forfeit my NU open match. I will keep ya'll updated on my recovery. God Bless.
Opp missed our scheduled time today, calling for act as I will have to work this weekend and have a shaky schedule.


We agreed on a timeslot from 3-5 PM my time today (GMT -4) but he was inactive today after 1 PM.

Contacted my opponent tuesday still havent got a response, in an event of a no show what would happen?
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