The NU Open VI - Round 5

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Elyna vs Pablo Kruspe this was coinflipped as neither player made a true effort to schedule for an exact time and there seemed to be a lack of communication about whose time zone they were scheduling in (although elyna didnt tell theirs until thier second to last or last vm from what i can tell)
new matchup is Sam I Yam vs Elyna please contact asap
I just contacted a TD about a decision for me vs energy, so i'll give BluntsideKensei an update as soon as i get that decision


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won vs cdumas in some fucking weird games. There was a ton of luck over all three of em and then the 3rd game when it just started getting close ended in a timer. wp tho
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lost, got counterteamed hard
i'll try to hide my replays next time
Try to take your loss like a man - a simple "lost gg" or nothing at all suffices. Nice and classy win SoulWind.

won vs cdumas in some fucking weird games. Had a ton of luck against me over all three of em and then the 3rd game when it just started getting close ended in a timer. wp tho
No need to emphasize that u outplayed or something by mentioning that he lucked you earlier in the series if he even did, congrats to Cdumas for being the moral winner here and sorry you had to endure Kushalos making that unnecessary post.

got haxed to death by a garbage player, but i find solace in the fact that he won't be going much further vs better opponents than me :)

edit: don't say gg's pls, you managed to win two games after choking extremely hard
You're the worst kind. Even if he did actually hax you, he said a simple "won in 3." Also for anyone wondering what happened in the actual series, JCM = mcweather; Necrozma = Feel the Thunderr:


☆mcweather: dude
☆mcweather: what the fuck
☆mcweather: that's so fucking stupid


☆Feel the Thunderr: gg

I applaud Necrozma for his composure, peacefulness, and of course his victory over the petty JCM. He'll also be going much further than you it seems.


You all displayed a low amount of decency, intelligence, and common sense in the above posts. Your opponents acted only with the utmost respect and class, regardless of whatever luck you say occurred. If they didn't taunt you then it's not their fault and you have no reason to be an ass about it. You also only look worse by making excuses even if you think it rationalizes your loss, people think you're better if you say "lost gg" than "lost to ridiculous hax my opponent sucks dick." I mean it makes you look bad above all else, but you also hurt the reputation of this website/community whenever you act like this, so please put your ego aside for round 5 of the NU open.

I don't mean this as ridicule but rather as an opportunity for you to be more mindful and change your attitude, so best of luck with that.
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