The NU Throwdown (sign-up Thread)


would you suck the poison out
Welcome to the NU Throwdown!
*Approved by Jimbo*

(Sign-ups will last for one week)

Rounds will start on Saturdays and end one week later on the following Saturday. Please keep in mind that the holidays are coming up, so please do not enter if you will be unavailable halfway through the tourney.


Single Elimination

No Hacks
- Not even legit hacks. The point of wifi tourneys is to encourage trading in the wifi forum!

Prize - The winner will get redistribution rights to any 3 pokemon for which I am the OT from my thread.

Sleep Clause
- You may only put one of your opponent's pokemon to sleep at a time. If your opponent used Rest or if Effect Spore causes sleep, that does not count.

Species Clause - No 2+ of the same Pokemon per team. Example: 2 Medichams are on your team.

Hax Items Clause - The items Bright Powder, Focus Band, Quick Claw, King's Rock, Razor Fang, Scope Lens, and Razor Claw are banned.

Evasion Clause - The moves Double Team and Minimize are banned.

OHKO Clause
- The moves Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, Guillotine, and Fissure are banned.

Self KO Clause
- You cannot use Selfdestruct, Explosion, or Destiny Bond if you are down to your last Pokemon.

Tier Lists

We will be using the NU and NFE Tiers from the Smogon Strategy Dex . Here are some links to help you out:

The NU Tier

The NFE Tier

The following NFE Pokemon are in UU and therefore banned:

  • Magneton
  • Chansey
  • Scyther

Participant List

I will cap this if it reaches 32 players. If more people sign up, I will enter them as subs.

1. TDS
3. Equinox
4. yellowfire7
5. DragonFE
6. BlakBlastoise
7. Alakapimp
8. Itsuki
9. Supe (unless someone else signs up)
10. yourubermother
11. Felileikaboss
12. Coopowitz
13. Deschain
14. for54years
15. Dan Dan
16. Tyler422
17. Rename Card
18. Negator
19. FlamingKid
20. Shawk
21. Ditto
22. September
23. Trufflehunter25
24. Eiganjo
25. Lunk63
27. Bojan
28. Syberia
29. Hamstern
30. _Apocalypse_
31. Geren
32. Lexite




would you suck the poison out
Thanks for the offer Alakapimp, but I can do the brackets. I'm not participating, so I'll be able to focus entirely on hosting. =)
i have a couple NU pokemon on my UU team, so I'll raise a few more within a week. In

edit: dropping out. see later post

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