The NU Tournament Circuit (2018 Schedule Announced)

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Hello and welcome to the hub for the NU tier's tournament circuit. This year, the Tournament Directors have collaborated with each Official Metagame's leaders to organize this year's circuit. Each format has a selected batch of tournaments that players will challenge in order to gain points. At the end of the year, the top 16 players on the leaderboard will fight in a best of three single elimination playoffs bracket to determine the winner. However, this circuit is special because every player will be fighting for a prestigious ribbon that will appear on the winner's post bit to commemorate their victory of the cirquit.


Here is the schedule for the 2018 NU tour circuit:
  • NU League III:
    • Cycle 1: January 7th - Mid to late April
    • Cycle 2: April 30th - End of August
    • Cycle 3: September 3rd - End of November
  • NU Ladder Tour - February 12th - April 2nd
  • NU Open VII (approximated): July 16th - September 30th
  • NU Seeded III: October 8th - November 18th
  • Playoffs: December 1st
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