Challenge The Orange League - Pokemon Amie Head It (Deadline 3/14/14)

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So, last night, I was up until 12:12 at midnight because I was still doing this game. Heck, I went just over 100 in the first chance, then got screwed by a slow one. Second chance is a personal record (the last was 600). Third chance, due to the high speeds, once you mess up, you really can't recover. Though I'm sure someone already beat my score, but here it is:
Extra note: There were a couple times where I was ready to do two things:
1. Throw the 3DS out the window because I screwed up when doing really well.
2. Break the touch screen after about 10,000 taps on the screen.

As a question for some of you guys out there, do you get screwed when it's slower or faster?
OKAY! The moment you've all been waiting for!

We got a lot of entries this round like I predicted. The competition was really tight.

Before I say the scores, I'd just like to remind people to always submit scores through PM rather than posting them in this thread, for obvious reasons. (A person reveals their super high score and nobody wants to play anymore...yeah...) Personally, I feel that the suspense and uncertainty is part of the fun. I never said anything, which is why I'm allowing BlazeStarter's score to count for this round. Starting from the next round, only scores sent to TheOrangeLeague through PM will be counted.

And now that all that stuff's over with, on to the fun part!

In 5th place, we have cant say, who just submitted a few hours ago to snatch that spot away from Mekkah. He scored 1373.

In 4th place, we have Novae, who finished with a top score of 1541!

In 3rd, Snail489 gets the spot with a high score of 1642!

And in you can see above, we have BlazeStarter, who got an insane score of 1851.

I know what you're all thinking...he only got SECOND???

The competition was, sadly, mostly moot, because in the first week of the round, atsync actually discovered the highest possible score in the game, which is 1998. Hey, he doesn't have that researcher badge for nothing!

Congratulations to atsync for being our first repeat champion, and to everyone else who placed in the top 5! And thanks to everyone else who entered but didn't place, it was fun to see all of your scores!

Make sure to message me or Jimera0 if you have any ideas for challenges for future rounds. See you guys next time!
(A person reveals their super high score and nobody wants to play anymore...yeah...)
True, I saw his high score and got my 3DS out to try and beat it but I pretty much had no patience to redo this again. I had an idea that there might be a 999 cap on the longest streak as atsync proved but I wasn't about to go and test it since my arms were hurting after only a 600 streak :|
I'd be interested in seeing other Pokemon-Amie minigames for these challenges in the future.

As a question for some of you guys out there, do you get screwed when it's slower or faster?
The worst part is when it makes that high-pitched sound to indicate a really fast ball but then it ends up falling unusually late making you try to hit too early.


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Um so yeah the total score for this game actually maxes out at 1998. The combo counter, like the regular score, stops at 999. You can keep going after that, but it won't mean anything for the final score. I actually lost my combo just after 999 so it was probably around 1020 or so.

Thinking about it now, I actually think doing one of the other modes (probably hard mode) would have been better than unlimited, despite the "theoretical max score." Those modes have more variables than unlimited and I think it would have made been unlikely that multiple people would have the same high score. The fact that there's a time limit on those modes places much more importance on actually sweet-spotting your hits than in unlimited. In unlimited, you will eventually reach the score cap simply by keeping your combo alive for long enough, so it doesn't really matter too much how accurately you hit the yarn. Once you DO hit the cap, it doesn't matter at all because the points you get from the hits are irrelevant. In the other modes, you aren't going to reach the cap in the time limit, so to get the highest score, you are going to want to sweet-spot the yarn as much as possible in addition to keeping your streak going. Also, the other modes have the big yarn bonus which is another variable, although admittedly it doesn't add too much to the score.

As far as "strategy" is concerned, there isn't much to say. This is just one of those things that you have to maintain focus and practice until you get good at it. Probably the best advice I can give is to think about this game as occurring in rounds. I define each round as the sequence of each of your Pokemon appearing on screen to play, with the round ending when the Pokemon on the sides disappear. This is a useful approach because the rounds in each attempt seem to be the same each time, in terms of falling speed and round length (i.e. the first round is always the same in each attempts, as is the second and the third and so on). The only thing that seems to change between attempts is where the yarn will fall, as well as the types that fall (sometimes you get lots of purple yarn in a short space of time, sometimes none will fall for a while). Therefore, if you can get a rough idea of how the rounds work each time, you can prepare better. Now, trying to memorize every round is pretty much unreasonable for most people, but by using the combo counter, you can estimate when trickier rounds with faster-falling yarn will occur, and that way you won't get caught off-guard as easily.

Not sure if I explained that very well but oh well.

Also, it's worth experimenting with how you hold your 3DS while playing. I held mine rotated 90 degrees to the left because I found it made it easier to see everything; holding it the regular way caused my right hand to obscure part of the screen. Holding it the way I did also made it easier to move my hand around so I had a better chance of getting the yarn. Obviously this is subjective though so whatever works best for the individual...

Fun fact: I achieved scores of 1986 and 1990 in other attempts, losing the combo just seconds before the combo cap. Not cool.

cant say

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Sorry Mekkah! Feel kinda bad about that, at least it wasn't the top spot.

I just let the first 2 balls fall then would try to max out a huge combo, but I just could not keep focused for that long. I'd also get put off every time one of my Pokemon would jump around and celebrate for some reason. Oh and I sat my 3ds on my desk because my arms also got tired...

I think the best part about this competition was that I got to max out the happiness on some of my mons that I otherwise wouldn't have, so training them will be easier at least!


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Gotta say, this challenge was certainly....something. @_@ I had a lot of fun though, it gave me a reason to play my X version after I have been neglecting it for a while u_u
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