Challenge The Orange League: Round 1, Sign-Ups

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Welcome one and all to the Orange League, Orange Island's first major competition. In it, teams will duke it out to show off their mini-game skills, fastest speedruns, and highest scores. Every two weeks, a new round kicks off and new teams are formed.

As each round begins, competitors will be informed of which games will be used. They will have 4 days to assemble a team of people with access to at least one those games. If there are 5 games in the round, teams can be anywhere from 1 to 5 players (yes, soloing is allowed). If you are having trouble finding teammates, feel free to post which games you have in this thread and VM others that own the games you lack. You are also encouraged to go on #orangeislands on SynIRC to organize teams.

After sign-ups, the actual events will be announced. Teams will have 10 days to get the best scores they can in each event. All scores should be PMed to TheOrangeLeague, along with photographic evidence of the scores. These don't have to be great quality pictures (feel free to use your cell phone or whatever), but SCORES SENT WITHOUT PHOTO EVIDENCE WILL NOT COUNT. All scores must be obtained during the 10 day timeframe. We don't care if you got your highest Snap score last week; go get it again. For speedruns, your player name should be your Smogon username (character space permitting), so as to further identify the score as your own.

First place will receive 5 points, second will get 3, and third will get 1. If two or more players from the same team make it into the top 3, their team will be awarded those points (i.e. 8 points if two team members get first and second in one event).

On-site leaderboards will be kept for the individuals on the most winning teams, as well as those with the highest total points earned. How cool is that!?

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask Jellicent or Texas Cloverleaf. We'll be happy to help!

Finally, I hate that I have to say this, but it needs to be stressed. There is zero tolerance for cheating. If you are caught cheating or helping others cheat, such as by posting pictures of other people's scores, giving your teammates your scores to submit, using scores from before the beginning of the round, abusing glitches or cheat codes, etc., you will be banned from joining any future Orange League event, and potentially banned from future OI competitions as well. Also, I will personally make sure that Birkal spams your profile with tl;dr VMs about morality, so don't do it!

Now, on to the fun part! The first round will use the following games:
  • Pokemon Snap! (N64)
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game (GBC)
  • Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (ADV)
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (DS)
  • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS)

With 5 games this round, your team may have up to 5 players. You have 4 days to track down others with the games you lack and assemble your team. Good luck, and have fun ^.^


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Birkal said:
/me puts on war paint

Alright, I'm on a team with the following people:

Snap: ???
RSE: Rodan
TCG: TalkingLion
DPPt: ???
HGSS: Level 51

We're looking for a DPPt member; VM me if interested in winning ;)

Also, pop into #orangeislands if you're looking for extra people. You don't have to do this with OI people, necessarily. Just pick some Smogfriends and make a team! I can't wait to get started, Jelli. Thanks for hosting!

I quit this team; Rodan's in charge now. No hard feelings!


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Pokemon Snap? FUCK YEAH! :P

However, as much as I'd like to participate on this I think I'll have to wait for later rounds. I've burried myself in so many projects here and elsewhere that I just don't have the time. Kind of funny that someone without a job or school can still manage to fill their schedual up with so many commitments they have no time for anything else...

But it's an awesome idea and I'd love to participate sometime in the future. Good luck to everyone involved!
Well, I'm going to start a team for this as well, so if anyone wants to join Team Steelseed, feel free to PM me. And we are going to win, so don't ask if you don't want to win this.

Team Steelseed

  • Pokemon Snap! Dinosaurdan
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Garud (C)
  • Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Atsync
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum LockDown
  • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Espeon65
Edit2: Team is complete, and we're ready to roll.

One question, how is our stance on Emulators? I don't want to overwrite my save on some games, and I assume that if we do play on one that its legal as long as we don't use AR codes or a Speed-up feature or Save States. I have all these games myself of course, but I'm just wondering.


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This is a great idea.

If anyone is trying to form a team and needs an extra member, I have access to Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Platinum and SoulSilver.
If any team needs a R/S/E or HG/SS or D/P/Pt member I'm game.
Just to be sure it's a speed run right? What's the end technically for each game if so?
And has the 1st round technically started yet or are we waiting for teams to sign up?


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Ditching my old team because I am a traitor of legendary proportions. I think Rodan is taking it over, haha. They wouldn't accept Rotom as a mascot so I had to leave ;) New team time:

Mowdown Hoedown

Birkal: Pokemon Snap! (N64)
Solace: Pokemon Trading Card Game (GBC)
Wild Eep: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (ADV)
Nexus: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (DS)
Charmander: Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS)​
If you'd like I'm willing to let you do RSE for our team and I'll do one of the 4th gen games instead (assuming another team doesn't take you).
That's very gracious of you, but you are first in so you get first serve. If you and The QWAZ work out something I'll be happy to switch you to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and let him take R/S/E, but until then, I've still got you placed where you were originally.

Espeon65, I've placed you on our team listing under HG/SS. The challenges will be delegated with themes involved I'd imagine, so prepare for a Speed Run, a Nuzlocke Run, A Gauntlet run, or anything of the sort. Maybe a combination of something.

We also may be signing up a Pokemon Snap member. I've been VM'd about it so we will see. And if anyone asks, our team mascots are Venasaur, Lucario and Ferroseed, and our colours are Green and Silver.
Ok guys, 4/5 spots filled for Team SteelSeed. We are waiting on one more member to sign on for D/P/Pt, if you are interested, let me know.
Oh, this sounds fun. I have all the games listed except the TCG game (but Idk if my Nintendo 64 still works, and I don't have Snap on my Wii), so if anyone needs a member let me know :)
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