Challenge The Orange League - Round 2 - Congratulations Team SteelSeed


Alright, Round 2 of the Orange League has begun! The rules can be found here. All scores should be PMed to TheOrangeLeague. Any questions should be PMed to Jellicent or Texas Cloverleaf, or simply asked in #OrangeIslands on SynIRC.

Now, for our contestants:

Team SteelSeed:
Garud, Dinosaurdan, Atsync, LockDown, and Jimera0

Mowdown Hoedown:
Birkal, Solace, WildEep, Nexus, and Charmander

Team euheuheuh:
Django, CrashinBoomBang, McMeghan, DTC, and Zebraiken

The Grammar Slammers:
SuperJOCKE, DHR-107, Its_A_Random, and Wobbanaut

Team Tumbleweed:
Zystral, jas61292, billymills, Princess of Johto, and Deinosaur

Some #OI Guys:
Mekkah, Son_of_Shadoo, Redew, TalkingLion, and Level-51

Freelancers United:
avalanche3387, FireMage, Blinder, waterwarrior, and SeviliTheArcanine

Team Birkal Sucks:
Rodan, Minwu, IstheCakeReallyaLie, Furret162, and waffles101

Those last 3 teams were just slapped together for people that wanted to play but didn't track down teammates. Hope you guys can get along~

And finally, what you've all been looking forward to, the challenges:

  • Pokemon Red/Blue (GB) - Fastest playthrough (clearing the Elite 4; no glitch abuse!)
  • Pokemon Pinball (GBC) - Highest pinball score (any table)
  • Pokemon Trozei! (DS) - Highest score on Forever Mode
  • Pokemon Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS) - Longest Battle Arcade streak (singles or doubles)
  • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS) - Most hits in Snow Throw (Pokeathlon)

Remember, all scores must be achieved within the next 10 days. No previous scores may be submitted. Red/Blue is a speedrun, and will require a new file (please use your username, space permitting, for further evidence). Older files may be used for the other games. Anyone caught cheating (such as using hacks, submitting other peoples scores, using old scores, giving other people your scores to submit, etc.) will be kicked out of this competition and banned from joining all future Orange League rounds. Also, Birkal will leave you so many tl;dr ethical discourses on your profile that you'll weep every time you see "1 New Visitor Message", so don't do it!

Let's keep this fun and clean, people. Good luck, and may the best team win!
Ok, Snowball throw is all I can do for my team, but ok! FREELANCERS UNITED FTW

Edit: Also, Does one need to say what pokes they used for the snowball throw, or what? Also, when does one submit their records?
Freelancers United is actually a pretty cool name, js.

Anyways, time to gear up for a speedrun, Battle Arcade streak, Skill and Power Pokeathlon pokes, and actually getting good at Pinball... In 10 days.

Alright, score submitted. Good luck, everyone!

Unfortunately, I was only able to submit one score for my team but hopefully that one score will land us a point or two (or three, but doubt it :p)!
Just got back from work, so I'm gonna be brief here. Let's see these scores ^.^

RB Speedrun
Garud - 2:16 (5)
Mekkah - 2:21 (3)
Jimera0 - 3:43 (1)

Jimera0 - 17,248,961,650 (5)
Garud - 3,176,387,150 (3)
Zystral - 2,036,262,550 (1)

Battle Arcade
atsync - 161 (5)
Furret162 - 29 (3)
LockDown - 27 (1)

Snow Throw
atsync - 116 (5)
Its_A_Random - 90 (3)
Level 51 - 84 (1)

Zystral - 4,130,710 (5)
Garud - 801,750 (3)
Redew - 569,490 (1)

For individual standings, we have:
Garud - 11 Points
atsync - 10 Points
Jimera0 - 6 Points
Zystral - 6 Points
Furret162 - 3 Points
Its_A_Random - 3 Points
Mekkah - 3 Points
Level 51 - 1 Point
LockDown - 1 Point
Redew - 1 Point

Team SteelSeed wins this round with an extremely impressive 28 total points (nearly 2/3rds of all the points possible!) Congratulations, Team SteelSeed ^.^
Wait, are you telling me second and third place in the Battle Arcade were only 29 and 27 battles?

I thought it would be much higher. I got to 35 in no time but I never continued because I thought I would never reach the streak I thought was necessary... Won't make this mistake next time.
..Fuck. I kept putting this off in favour of other things (Work mostly). I could have easily beaten the 2nd/3rd place Battle Arcade score (I've consistently beaten 40 rounds every time I've played).
I attempted Trozei though, but I just didn't do any sort of good at it.
How can you see how many throws you did in Snowball throw though?

And Congratulations Team SteelSeed!

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