Challenge The Orange League - Round 2: Sign-Ups

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Welcome one and all to the Orange League, Orange Island's first major competition. In it, teams will duke it out to show off their mini-game skills, fastest speedruns, and highest scores. Every two weeks, a new round kicks off and new teams are formed.

As each round begins, competitors will be informed of which games will be used. They will have 4 days to assemble a team of people with access to at least one those games. If there are 5 games in the round, teams can be anywhere from 1 to 5 players (yes, soloing is allowed). If you are having trouble finding teammates, feel free to post which games you have in this thread and VM others that own the games you lack. You are also encouraged to go on #orangeislands on SynIRC to organize teams.

After sign-ups, the actual events will be announced. Teams will have 10 days to get the best scores they can in each event. All scores should be PMed to TheOrangeLeague, along with photographic evidence of the scores. These don't have to be great quality pictures (feel free to use your cell phone or whatever), but SCORES SENT WITHOUT PHOTO EVIDENCE WILL NOT COUNT. All scores must be obtained during the 10 day timeframe. We don't care if you got your highest Snap score last week; go get it again. For speedruns, your player name should be your Smogon username (character space permitting), so as to further identify the score as your own.

First place will receive 5 points, second will get 3, and third will get 1. If two or more players from the same team make it into the top 3, their team will be awarded those points (i.e. 8 points if two team members get first and second in one event).

On-site leaderboards will be kept for the individuals on the most winning teams, as well as those with the highest total points earned. How cool is that!?

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask Jellicent or Texas Cloverleaf. We'll be happy to help!

Finally, I hate that I have to say this, but it needs to be stressed. There is zero tolerance for cheating. If you are caught cheating or helping others cheat, such as by posting pictures of other people's scores, giving your teammates your scores to submit, using scores from before the beginning of the round, abusing glitches or cheat codes, etc., you will be banned from joining any future Orange League event, and potentially banned from future OI competitions as well. Also, I will personally make sure that Birkal spams your profile with tl;dr VMs about morality, so don't do it!

Now, on to the fun part! The first round will use the following games:
  • Pokemon Red/Blue (GB)
  • Pokemon Pinball (GBC)
  • Pokemon Trozei! (DS)
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (DS)
  • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS)

With 5 games this round, your team may have up to 5 players. You have 4 days to track down others with the games you lack and assemble your team. Good luck, and have fun ^.^
If you're going to have sign ups last 4 days, could you at least start them 4 days before the previous round ends?

edit: looking for a team of players who can play RB / DPPt and HGGS very well and are willing to forego the other two games.
Just posting to say I will be playing this round as well and once again will I be captaining team SteelSeed. I haven't spoken to the other members to see if they will be playing this round, so I'll see. Stay tuned.

Team SteelSeed (Ranked equal first)
Garud (c)
Atsync (vc)



Edit: Team complete.


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Not sure if billymills's post is intent of a new team, but hopefully Tumbleweeds will be coming back?

If not, then all I can do is Pinball, Trozei!, and DPPt.
If you're going to have sign ups last 4 days, could you at least start them 4 days before the previous round ends?

edit: looking for a team of players who can play RB / DPPt and HGGS very well and are willing to forego the other two games.
I can do RB if you're interested. The fact that Yellow isn't included interests me though.


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If you're going to have sign ups last 4 days, could you at least start them 4 days before the previous round ends?

edit: looking for a team of players who can play RB / DPPt and HGGS very well and are willing to forego the other two games.
this suits me perfectly
I don't think I can do this this round. Sorry, Garud.
That's ok. Hopefully we will win Round 1 though :)

In other news, looking for another team member. Ideally skilled in all 5 games, Trozoi and Pinball are HIGHLY favoured. The rest of the team is already strong in HGSS, RBY and DPPt, but being strong in those is greatly encouraged.
Ok, I'll sign up my team again, though with a new member.

The Grammar Slammers
(name courtsesy of Jelli btw)

@Zy If your team won't be coming back, we will happily let you on our team if you want; you are a GP man as well after all. Still looking for 2 more teammates anyways.


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If team tumbleweed wants to stick together, I'll be all for it. If not, then I'm available to whoever needs another person. I've can do RB, DPPt and HGSS, and I might be able to do Pinball (I own it, but I'm not sure if I have it with me at school).


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I don't really know (nor really care) what team to go on, but I think I'll participate this time. Cleared up shit enough I should be ok for at least one week.

I have all the games except Trozei and am pretty damn good at all of them. I have a specialty in Pokemon Pinball, seeing as I fairly recently tried to get all 150 Pokemon in the game and though I never got there (The game just refused to give me the ones I needed), I do know pretty much everything there is to know about that game because of it. I'm no slouch on the others either.

Anyway, not really sure who to join or what but I'll just chill in the IRC and see what happens.
Ok, so spoke to Jimera0 and he's joining Team SteelSeed this round. Welcome aboard!

Also, after his excellent performance in round 1, and dedication to the team, I'm naming Atsync the Vice Captain of Team SteelSeed. Well done buddy :D

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In case anyone cares, I don't mind joining this round, but there's a 50% chance of me being a dead weight, a 42% chance of me doing okay and a 8% chance of me tearing apart the competition. Just in case anyone was thinking of gettingletting me on :P


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hello i, rodan am looking for some people to join my quest of team RODAN and Co. our mantra is "birkal sucks"
Are we allowed to make guesses at the challenges? Because I'm calling highest PalPark score for DPPt, same for HGSS (not likely) and most glitchy run for RBY.

Anyways, I'm willing to join any team. Just shoot me a P/VM if you want me. I can do all main games, and, in the future, PMD games. I'm good at pretty much everything maingame (albeit, I sometimes try to predict the AI out of reflex...), so I can do pretty much whatever.

One question, are emus allowed? If yes, then I can do RBY. If no, then only DPPtHGSS.
I would like to join. I have Pinball rs (in the middle of a really good game with a really good score that i've been putting off for months), Platinum, and Soul Silver. I dont have a team though so anyone wanting me to join i can.
On the subject of emulators on your computer, I don't see why not, if I can't get my transfer pak to work i have no other option lol

playing with red, possibly yellow version over here o/


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There was some discussion in OI earlier about the use of RNG abuse and how many users don't think it should be allowed but since neither Jellicent nor Texas were there we couldn't confirm what the actual official rules are.

Could this be clarified please?
I'm in! I have access to all of these games (roms for a few), but I've never played Trozei or Pinball, Red has no current save file, and Platinum and Soul Silver are only around gym 7. No team, so I'll join someone's if they'll have me.


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Signing up as a freelancer for now. Sadly, I am limited to DPPtHGSS, but yeah. Contact me on IRC or by VM/PM if you are interested in giving me a shot.
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