Challenge The Orange League - Round 2: Sign-Ups

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I will await confirmation from the other members; otherwise Mekkah, I am extending an invitation.

So far I know myself, billymills, and jas##### are all in.


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Talks on IRC have confirmed that I will be joining The Grammar Slammers with Wobb, DHR, & SuperJOCKE, though it has not been edited in here yet... :S


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Orange Islands
There was some discussion in OI earlier about the use of RNG abuse and how many users don't think it should be allowed but since neither Jellicent nor Texas were there we couldn't confirm what the actual official rules are.

Could this be clarified please?
I would also like some clarification on this point too... It's not exactly a fair system if people are allowed to abuse mechanics (Even if that "mechanic" is not a Glitch). I'd genuinely rather not play if those sort of practices are allowed.

Anyway yeah, I'm back in with so far non scoring Grammar Slammers :)


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Looks like Team Tumbleweed is back again.

Myself, Princess of Johto, jas61292, billymills, and Deinosaur are all up and present.
Though I am new to this, I can do HG, though i don't EV train in it for potential BF events, though I'm great at everything else. I'll sign up as a freelancer for now unless I'm invited to a team.
I could be the guy who gets picked last

I can do pinball and r/b very well, but I have all of the other games if anyone's looking for someone to mediocrely play them.
Signing up as a freelancer.

I have Red, but there's no save file on it atm.
I have HG with a complete Pokedex, several really high Pokéthlon scores, etc.
I have Diamond and Platinum, though I am planning on restarting my Diamond in a few days
I have Pinball, but I'm not very good at it (practice makes perfect though, amiright? ^.^)
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