The ORAS 2v2 Doubles Tournanent: Round 1

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ORAS 2v2 Doubles Tournament

Hello there! This is the second tournament for the 2v2 Doubles unofficial circuit. To those not familiar with 2v2 Doubles, this is a metagame in which you bring 4 and pick 2 to play. This will be in [Gen 6].

  • All general rules apply.
  • post "in" to sign up.
  • This is a best of 5 [Gen 6] 2v2 Doubles tournament and you may switch teams between matches.
  • Single Elimination
  • Battles will be Best Of Five.
  • All battles must be played on
  • Replays are mandatory for the development of the metagame.

[Gen 6] 2v2 Doubles Ruleset:

  • Standard Clauses
  • Gen 6 DOU + Perish Song, Mega Kanaskhan and Focus Sash

Round 1:
vs GeneralGunderson
D2TheW vs Memoric
Lancer Fr vs DezShizzels
RaJ.Shoot vs ggopw
vs Rhyphibian
Triopsman vs Primp70
maxy1991991 vs Arai

The deadline will be Wednesday, March 4th, at 8:29 PM GMT -5.
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