Championship - Type B The OU divisional Season (Round 1) [Concluded]

Alright, Since there haven't been many subs lately. I will come in as a sub so that I can make the 7 subs have a chance to play on this tour! So that means that bye people, your bye time is up! Sorry.


Division 1:
XxpokephoenixX vs CuckBoyy

Division 2:
Count Riario vs dusk raimon

Division 3:
HQuaze vs teso24

Division 4:
Escoffier vs Leo

Division 5:
Santu vs ManLikeDassa

Division 6:
Reymaki vs Cofaiclus

Division 7:
The Excadrill vs Bloody alfa

Division 8:
Snowy vs mael

Try and get these games done by the end of the year

Some notes: Will update ladder soon and subs will still be open.

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