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At gen 2 and 3, the phisical bug-types get only 3-4 moves, the most powerful is Hidden Power Bug, that get only 70 base power, that's horrendous. At the first gen, they only get 3 moves and the special bug attackers didn't had attacks. Yeah, the special bug-types didn't have attacks, but they had later the cool Quiver Dance, one of the best buffing moves.
But, what about now? In gen 6 and 7, the most powerful attack is 80 power, X-scissor, and actually U-Turn saved all of them, getting stab that hits hard
But, equally, what about the offense? God, seven types resist the bug-type and only hits super effectively to 3 moves.
Now, what about the utility of them? The best phisical attacker is M-beedrill, in UU, and M-scizor in OU, but they use their other stab to hit powerfully, if not, they get a bad offensive type with a low base power. We can see Pokemons that no one remember cause their bad typing, like Shuckle, Armaldo, Beedill, Leavanny and Parasect by its bad typing, the bug.
Thanks for reading.
EDIT:I mean, that Pokemon hates the bug type and they make it useless. Poor bug type.
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I don't want to say that I don't like them, I love the Bug type and I don't want to say they are bad by seeming stupid or something like that, most of them are cool.


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