The #pokemon Tournament IV - Pre-Round


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Hi guys,

this is a tournament from a long time ago I wanted to bring back with the many excellent, creative teambuilders we have in the large, enthusiastic ADV community. The way it works is that before round 1 goes up, the players who have signed up and have made it in are required to submit a team THEY BUILT THEMSELVES. You will not be able to turn in a sample team or someone else's team, with or without tweaks.

The 24 (or more/less depending on turnout) best teams will be accepted. Each player will then be given 5 teams (non-reusable) to choose from in a best of three. This part is just the signup phase; next will be the team submission pre-round. This is the round where you submit your teams! Anything that is obviously ripped off and changed slightly will not be accepted. We are looking for creative, but still competitive teams - "we" being myself and the other experienced ADV players that I will consult with. Logs will be posted once we decide on the 24 teams we accept. EVERYONE WHO SIGNED UP TO PLAY MUST SUBMIT A TEAM.

Altina Heika TheJFrenzy Jimothy Cool Ophion RageAgainstTheMagearna watermess Astamatitos mikmer corey_axis Mattakata Horodro Raining Inside mael Louna RahelGamer03 Stockings Boat Gacu Tomahawk Kyundai Monai Alucs pokology Lambo_murphy44 afakedugong Diophantine Sageau monchooo DemZii PanWithQueso Siglut Energy Louiemander johnnyg2 dice j3b4it33d kael TPP Garay oak Salwen Cowboy Dan M Dragon JabbaTheGriffin Jammerer Cheese5555 SH0YU Kale EO Trixiewagon

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