The Pound-for-Pound Tournament IV! - Finals! [Won by SOMALIA]

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Originally hosted by Pirika, hanke and ENZ0

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The Pound-for-Pound Tournament IV!

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Tournament Rules

Introduction and Specific Rules:

This is a single elimination tournament, where the players will battle on a tier out of the 3 main ones (OU, UU and Ubers) each round. It is a 5th Generation tournament (Black and White 2). In the first round, each pairing will have a randomized tier selected out of the three main ones. The players who advance to the second round are going to play in a different tier, and it keeps going. The finals are going to be on a best out of 3.

The matches should take place on Pokemon Showdown unless both players agreed to play in another simulator. The first round will have a two week deadline, and further rounds will have a one week deadline. There will be given two days for extensions in case of both players being active before a coin flip.


Round 1:
Player 1 vs Player 2 (OU)
Player 3 vs Player 4 (UU)
Player 5 vs Player 6 (Uber)
Player 7 vs Player 8 (OU)

Round 2:
Player 2 vs Player 4 (Uber)
Player 6 vs Player 7 (UU)

Battling Rules:

- Sleep Clause
- Species Clause
- Evasion Clause
- OHKO Clause
- Timer Clause
- Wifi Battle

Round Robin Finals:

Masterclass vs WhiteQueen
Masterclass vs SOMALIA
WhiteQueen vs SOMALIA

Congratulations, SOMALIA :)!
So Eo, i posted that I won vs Whitequeen in BW OU and you deleted it.. do you want whitequeen to win or something?

I demand that this guy gets demoderated.. Blatant match-fixing


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The thread has been cleaned from all the drama that happened here.

The Tournaments Directors Staff also decided to cancel the OU game result between SOMALIA and WhiteQueen because evidence was found that ghosting happened during that game.

The current and valid results so far are the following:

  • SOMALIA 0-1 Whitequeen (UU)
  • SOMALIA (Uber, UU) 2-0 Masterclass
  • Masterclass (OU, UU) 2-0 Whitequeen

SOMALIA and Masterclass have also faced other punishments and they will be subject to further ones if deemed appropriate in the near future.

Now that the decision has been taken regarding what happened, we'd want this tournament to end smoothly and any new attempts at cheating or derailing the thread will be punished.

- The TDs Staff
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