The Pound-for-Pound Tournament IV! - Finals! [Won by SOMALIA]

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looool I used a joke team versus masterclass in uu for no reason. bs

Somalia, may that blue elephant god thing be with you. no way you are ever gonna win against me
You had a mon my entire joke team couldn't touch. You always have that kinda matchup luck against me for some reason. Like how your volc survived with 1hp yesterday in ou. And don't piss me off or I'll lose to Somalia on purpose and make him vomit on you
I can't respond in an offensive manner disappointingly. I honestly don't care if you lose on purpose? I already stated to you I don't care about a tournament where I have to compete in 2 tiers im entirely clueless about. You're the one who keeps talking trash and going on about how you can win this tournament. Losing to two players in the final isn't a great way to back up your big talk :/ so yeah go ahead and lose on purpose. This will be the last thing i post here besides my results. (If you lose to the ) :/ cant continue
Not responding in an offensive manner. But I had to beat WhiteQueen. The other guy is 0-1 down. It changes the situation if i thought my match vs the other guy was deciding. I might've put more effort and thought in my UU and Ubers team. This will be the last thing i post. I'll let the TDs handle the rest.

However man....

I won whitequeen

You won whitequeen

I won you 2-0.

The argument is that I did not really win whitequeen. OK, in that matter then he is irrelevant despite him giving me the win which leaves me and you. I won you 2-0, I win the whole thing in that case. your argumnet is flawed either way.

Whatever the TDs decide we have to follow I guess and I cant keep fighting with you over this to be honest so best of luck regardless to what happens.
There are two ways to solve this:

1-Give me WhiteQueen's games. As in I'll play whatever's left in WhiteQueen's series with Somalia. So I play Somalia in UU and Ubers and if I win i play him in a bo3 to decide the winner.

2-Give Somalia the win.

The worst part about the second one is that It seems like the fairest thing to do in this situation, but after all the drama that went down and all we went through It's a sad ending :/. But i'll accept whatever the TDs decide. But please decide fast lol.


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WhiteQueen has apparently withdrawn from the tournament, which leaves SOMALIA and Masterclass in the final. Since the former one played the latter and won 2-0, the TDs staff decided he should be awarded the win.

Congratulations SOMALIA.
Well I'm ok with this.

1-I 6-0ed WhiteQueen in UU where he brags most
2-I made WhiteQueen ragequit
3-WhiteQueen is therefore my bitch

Congrats traitor, i guess. Also thanks to the guy who made ''Meloetta Stall'' RMT for uu and Thanks Clarion (not sure what his name is here) for the Uber team.

Also is WhiteQueen really gonna be let off the hook for ruining a tournament?
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