The Pro-Choice Tournament - Round 1

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Tophway and I scheduled for this morning, and I've been on the whole time, but I have to leave in 45 mins.

Edit: Lost, gg
Wow, just realized that the deadline came up and Riot X happens to be on vacation and still thinks we can do our match.

Guess this means we head to a coinflip scenario for whoever moves on.

Ah well...


Banned deucer.
Deadline has passed.

Wins from coin flip

Hawk Eye vs Ada - coin flip
King N vs smashlloyd20 - coin flip
MenWithoutHats vs Hawkstar - coin flip
DeathxShinigami vs Riot X - coin flip

Wins from activity:

vs Madray - Activity
Pkrs vs locopoke - Activity
reyscarface vs Soto Activity
Blue_Blur vs Key - Activity
-Manu- vs Golden Sun - Activity
waffles101 vs 7014gree - Activity
Delko vs B-Lulz - Activity
Z-rex vs Plusle - Activity
Jcpdragonx vs pikachu4uber - Activity
Go10 vs TactiC - Activity
Cybertron vs Stone_Cold - Activity

Extended Matches:

Gabranth vs Alaka
Lakers vs Zeph
Jackal vs kaonohiokala
IronBullet93 vs HiipFire
CHENN vs Solace.
M Dragon vs Knuckles_6
JabbaTheGriffin vs cco

The activity wins were pretty clear to me, so I gave those out to those who posted in this thread indicating they were active, whereas their opponent wasn't responsive and whatnot. I also checked everyone's VMs to see who was the one making an effort to get in touch with their opponent. PMs were sent to everyone as well, and those who responded were mostly the ones trying to do their match. I also based it off the fact that I asked some people on IRC to do their match since their opponent was trying to contact them, yet failed to do so.

For coin-flips, I literally took a coin, picked tails for one guy, head for the other, and went from there.

The extended matches were given to those who were just recently subbed in since there were a few of them. They were also given to those who both made an effort to contact each other and schedule a time.

Round 2 will be up later today.
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