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thanks to kamikaze , approved by TDs , Sgt.Moose made the ribbon, artwork by LifeisDANK

The PU Circuit

This year's circuit will consist of the following tournaments, followed by an 8 man Invitational SM PU Tournament; that will decide the best PU player of the season that will be awarded the green ribbon in their badgeset!
(and eternal glory)
  • 3 Double Elimination Seasonals with a BFL* of 2
  • The PU Ladder Tour​
  • The PU Bo3 (SM/ORAS/BW) Tournament​
How are points calculated?

The difference between #3 and #2 is much greater than the difference between someone who lost in quarterfinals and someone who lost in semifinals.
In this way we reward players that consistently finish tournaments in good positions.

Note that The Ladder Tour will give points for qualifying as well.

*What does BFL mean?
BFL, or Best Finish Limit, is a restriction that limits how many placings you may count for your Circuit Point totals and is also used in the Official VGC Circuit. 3 Seasonals with a BFL of 2 would only count your top 2 Finishes even if you played in all 3, and if you played less than or equal to 2 Seasonals it would count all your finishes. The idea behind a BFL is to reward high placings and not consistently average performances. It also becomes a safety net for people who for whatever reason have a bad performance, cant play in that specific season, or have to drop out midway because of extenuating circumstances.​
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The PU Moderation Team has decided that making the ongoing PU seasonal suddenly much more important due to the new PU Circuit isn't entirely fair to people who want to compete in the 2018 circuit but didn't know it was going to exist when signups were happening for the Fall Seasonal. Plus it's kind of weird that our 2018 circuit starts way before other low tiers in 2017. Because of this, we've edited the tournament schedule to include a Summer Seasonal after the Bo3 Tournament and before playoffs. We're going to arrange a different prize winner of the Fall Seasonal (to be determined), but performance in it will not be tied to the 2018 PU Circuit.
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