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art by LifeisDANK
The PU Circuit will be returning in 2019 even bigger and better than before! The circuit will consist of 4 tournaments where top placing players will earn leaderboard points to try to make the cut to compete in December's PU Circuit Playoffs and earn themselves a ribbon (
) on their badgeset. To go along with PU's tournament expansion, there will be a few major changes to the 2019 Circuit compared to this year's:
  • The playoffs will be top 16 instead of top 8
  • The PU Bo3 tour will be replaced by the PU Open, a single elimination tournament that is also a part of Smogon Grand Slam
  • There will only be 2 seasonals instead of 3. No tournaments will be dropped from your point total
  • The points system will be different for PULT
  • Note that we will still be running many non-circuit tours, such as seeded and some form of classic

The rough schedule for the following year of major PU tournaments will be as follows:
  • PU Winter Seasonal- January 1st to early April
  • PU Ladder Tournament- Late March to early July
  • PU Open- Early July to late September
  • PU Fall Seasonal- Early September to late November
  • 2019 PU Circuit Playoffs- December
Seasonals and slam will use the same point system as the 2018 circuit, shown below
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 9.38.42 AM.png

As PU ladder tour only has 32 qualifiers, it has its own scoring system

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