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The RU QC (Quality Control) team is comprised of knowledgeable users that know the tier and understand the ins and outs of C&C. RU QC is responsible for assuring that the analyses are of the best quality possible before going on site. Due to the fact that there is a large audience that makes use of these analyses, maintaining a respectable standard of quality is imperative. The QC team has a bit of power in this subforum, which includes the ability to reject an analysis if the Pokemon is deemed unviable or if the content of the analysis is of low quality.

The QC Team:

zizalith (leader)
gorex (moderator)
GoldCat (moderator)

[zizalith, 410251]
[EviGaro, 296852]
[GoldCat, 359771]
[gorex, 244449]
[Lunala, 409096]
[Mac3, 291087]
[Yourwelcomethanku, 541847]

banks, [banks, 379208]
Juno, [Juno, 444224]
EonX, [EonX, 91480]
Natan, [Natan, 321109]
Expulso, [Expulso, 202058]
Jmash, [Jmash, 363823]
phantom, [phantom, 180300]
MrAldo, [MrAldo, 227521]
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