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OP and pretty much everything taken from Reymedy's posts:
Rainbow League I,
Rainbow League II
banner by the cute Ticken

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Then, God created humankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them.
To differentiate them, He created the colors, 8 colors for 8 Nations. Afterwards, God got bored as shit and left the World for a better place.

Without God, the 8 Nations started to skin themselves alive. To put an end to this madness, the 8 Nations decided to institute the Rainbow League.
By fighting in the Rainbow League, the Nations would decide which Nation would be the strongest, with (almost) no bloodshed. For this, each Nation would need to select a Champion, and send him to the Rainbow League, where he would fight the other Champions.
The winner of the Rainbow League is the Rainbow Champion, and since God left this world, he would be considered by all the Nations, as the one and only true God."

Sega Genesis 1.0 beta

In the last edition, Knuckstrike from the Pink Ozone came out winner and was crowned Champion of the Rainbow League in an intense fight against Syncrasy from the Brown Field, who became a traitor to his own Nation in finals.
For almost three years, everything seemed right and fair, world finally found peace...
However, yesterday, the ruler of the Color Nations disappeared , leaving behind him an empty alumnus'd throne awaiting for its next owner.
So fight, fight for your color, fight for your Nation, fight for your family, your friends, your Pikachu, fight for those who can't fight themselves, for no one is going to call your motive into question once you'll become the one and only RAINBOW CHAMPION.


The most ferocious of the 8 Nations. Its citizens are all fierce brawlers who have a really simple vision of the world around them : There are two kinds of people, the dominant, and the dominated. If you ever face someone from the Red Nation, be ready
Previous champion: failsohard


The most developed Nation, in terms of economy, or science. It is definitely where you'd live if you're looking for comfort. Its citizens are knowledgeable and peaceful people, but they also feel like the burden of educating the other Nations lie on their shoulders. They maintain a cold rivalry with Red Star, as the way they see the world is diametrically opposite.
Previous champion: Obliviate

jirachi (1) - Edited.png

This Nation is the poorest in terms of natural ressources, yet, it's also the second most developed Nation, technology wise. They live in an immense desert, and are very proud of their ability to survive in so inhospitable an evironment. The engineers of the Yellow Comet are able to do more with less, no one should undervalue their ingenuity.
Previous campion: pokebasket

shaymin - Edited.png

The people of the forest, as the other Nations love to call them. Living in the biggest forest of the world, they are in total harmony with Nature. They consider themselves as the true heirs of Mother Nature. Their ability to survive in such a wild world is a proof of the rough strength of the Green Earth nation.
Previous champion: Korby

landorus-therian - Edited.png

The richest nation in terms of natural resources. The Brown citizens are farmers most of the time. Their life is usually really simple : receive what your parents left, and work all your heart to build up an even better property for your children to inherit. Threaten what their line built over time, and they will defend it with a fury that you would never expect.
However, the people of the Brown Nation have been immensely hurt when their previous Champion Syncrasy made the decision to betray them, and are now awaiting for the chance to get back at their enemies for the humiliation.


The mystical Purple Nation. Simply alluding to the name of this Nation would strike fear into the hearts of most people. They are few, but are known as dangerous, and pernicious. Citizens of the Purple Nation are supposed to possess magic powers. Remember your mom's words : "You better eat all your meal, or you might become the new victim of a Purple malediction".
Previous champion: Updated Kanto

clefable - Edited.png

The rivals of the Purple Nation. These two Nations fought for years, and share a real aversion to each other. The Pink Nation always criticized the Purple cult of mystical energies, and fight for the good ! Or so they say....
In the past years, this nation became stronger after Knuckstrike was proclaimed the champion of the Rainbow League, however, with no one left in the throne Pink Ozone is desolated.

d9r8b98-4fd49b14-9c4a-4b9a-bed6-550c138acc9e - Edited.png

The mines of the Gray Nation are a resources that every other Nation would love to obtain. See, steel and iron are two rare resources among the Nations, and the Gray Galaxy has a total control over this market. The strong minors of the Gray Nations are not fighters to be underestimated.
Previous champion: TonyFlygon

houndoom-mega - Edited.png

The war between the Pink and the Purple Nations generated a wasteland, made of the territories claimed over and over by the two Nations. In the end, a new bastard country was created : the Black Hole. Its citizens are creepy and ruthless, used to the life in the hell of a battlefield. In the last edition, Black Hole joined Purple Sky which helped them greatly in order to defeat the Sky Ozone's alliance with White Constellation.

gardevoir-mega - Edited (1).png

The citizens of the White Nations believe that they are supposed to spread the good Word. Anybody can become a citizen of this nomad Nation. As long as you believe that God is still here, somewhere, you'll have the right to claim your affiliation to the Holy Nation.

  • I'll be really strict on the activity, and sub out anybody inactive really fast, so if you think that you can idle the first rounds, you're dead wrong. Each round will last either 5 or 7 days, and I'm not planning to ever delay any round so that's onto you to get your battle done.
  • I may handpick the players.
  • Every player will be randomly given a color, and will have to use pokemons belonging to this color. HERE is the color pokedex.
  • You can use a Mega Evolution, regardless of its color, as long as the normal form belongs to your color. For instance, if you belong to the Red Nation and use Charizard, then you don't break any rule by playing Charizard-X.
  • If you're caught using Pokemon of another color, you instantly lose the battle.
  • You HAVE TO have a "mascot". Thats is to say a Pokémon belonging to your color that you will keep the whole tournament. For instance, Ash is a player of the Yellow nation and chose Pikachu as mascot. Thus, he'll have to play Pikachu at every game ! *You can break this rule if you betray your Nation in the Finals*
The tournament will have two main phases:

Phase 1) All the citizens of a Nation will fight in a single elimination bracket. In the end, the winner of this bracket will be the Nation's Champion.

Phase 2) The 8 Champions will fight in a single elimination bracket. To attempt to balance the disparities between the Colors, the startup Bracket will be as follow:
Green Champion Vs. Yellow Champion
Purple Champion Vs. Pink Champion
Grey Champion Vs. Brown Champion
Red Champion Vs. Blue Champion

The winner of each of these 4 battles, will be granted the power to use the Pokemon belonging to the Color Nation he defeated.
On top of that, the winner between the Green and the Yellow Nation will rally the White Nation to his cause. And the winner between the Purple and the Pink Nation will rally the Black Nation to his cause.

The semi-finals will have a similar rule: The winner of a semi-final will be granted the power to SECRETLY drop one of his Colors, in exchange of a Color belonging to the Champion he defeated.

General Rules

General Tournament Guidelines apply (

In addition to the above, you are playing in standard SM OU, meaning the following Clauses are in effect for each battle unless otherwise explicitly stated. Best of One, Playoffs will be Best of Three.

Post In to participate!!
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