The Randoms Trial - Signups Closed

( Name inspired by The Alolan Trial, approved by Quite Quiet )

With the exception of BEST FACTOURNEY (which is Battle Factory, anyway), there have been few (no?) Random Battle tournaments. Time to change this! Random Battle is the flagship tier on Pokemon Showdown - Smogon's preferred battle simulator - and it's time that there were Smogon tournaments for it. So, without further ado:

  • The tournament is for all seven generations of Random Battle
  • Each player bans one generation, indicated on the VM posts, they cannot be the same generation - the player on the left of the matchup should ban first though this is not necessary, the player on the right may ban first
  • The remaining generations are played in a best of 5 series - from most recent generation to least recent generation
  • Single elimination
  • Matches should be played on smogtours or main
  • Since these are Random Battles, please (optionally) share the replays!
  • You can split your matchups into two if you like, just state you'd like to play later in the battle chat with your opponent (ideally) or DM them on Showdown and then agree the later time on your Smogon profiles. Please try to get the second stint done otherwise the activity decisions will be...complicated
  • Usual rules apply - including First Come First Served (for first 62.5% of players)
A few things you should know about Random Battles:
  • The movesets are somewhat fixed, use `/w ladymonita, .randbats pokemon` to find out what moves the opposing Pokemon could have (you'll be DM'd by the bot Lady Monita with the answer)
  • EVs are all 84 unless the Pokemon has Gyro Ball or Trick Room, in which case they'll have 0 Speed
  • I may add more info later (please DM me more info like abilities and natures if you know, I can't quite work it out from the code...)

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It not being an integrated smogon tournament might have to do with the fact that its impossible to judge skill in a tier that is 100% based on luck of the draw, you can outplay bad matchups but in a tier like randbats its completely different in the sense that neither player is more skilled, it just depends on what you get.

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