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Hello! My name is The Reptile, and I do pixel art (and sometimes traditional art). I've been spriting for a while now, and I want to say that I've gotten pretty good at it (although I can't say the same for my drawing...). Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I do take requests, but they may take a while. (PS, atm, most of my art is CaP inspired. Just an fyi)

Here's that new Mewtwo Form that was announced a while back. When I heard about it, I decided to sprite it, and here's the results! I'm not 100% happy with the outline, but w/e. As a bonus, there's some fake shiny colors and size comparisons to the Mewtwo sprite from BW2

This was my entry for Aurumoth's sprite (not completely eligible for slate because I never made a back sprite :( ) Not much to say other than the fact that I dislike how the shield came out. Oh well.

Honestly, I don't remember posting these in the forums for Mollux, but I made them anyways. These give me more of a 4th gen vibe tbh, I don't know why. Not much to say here either, other than there's no back sprites again. ;-;

Hey look, some back sprite! Yeah, this was my necturna sprite submission. Not much to say here either, other than the shading here is pretty mediocre.

And here's some WIP Frame Work for Snapple (forgot it's actual name ;-;). I never got around finishing them though; Debating whether I should or just leave them like this. It's a bit fat tbh, but w/e.

And this is what happens when you get extremely board - you make shit like this. Tbh, I don't know what it's suppose to be like, but I love it. Not much else to say (no shading lol)

My drawing is not so hot. This was for Aurumoth's CaP (forgot number ;-;). tbh, it looks more Bug / Dark than Bug / Psychic. I have a digital version of it, but it's really crap, and I like this version better.

Here's a small silly for the Necturna CaP. Never made it a serious submission, but I made it because lolwhy not?

Hurray, RoboNarwal thing! This was my serious 2nd submission for Necturna's CaP. Besides the tail, I don't completely hate it. It's better than the previous submission I had for it.

And here's the finalized version. A lot mopier and sad than the other one. It didn't come out like how I had it planned in my head, but w/e.

And this is the first submission. I kind of hate it, mainly because lolwtfisit. The design is everywhere, and it's personally a bit silly.

...and that's it. I'll try to organize it better in the future, but for now, enjoy the slightly crappy organization of the thread. Hope you enjoyed. And just in case you didn't read it in the first paragraph, I do take requests, but they might take a while.

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