The Reverse Tournament III - Round 2

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The Reverse Tournament III
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Sign up thread | Round 1

The Reverse Tournament returns, originally hosted by Twash the goal of this tournament is to lose your battle. But it's not that simple, there are a few twists to make the battles more interesting.

Art by Blue Frog

Players must send in a team at the start of Round One. When I have teams from both players, I will PM the teams to both players. You then have to use your opponents team (and they therefore must use the team you sent in), and attempt to lose the battle. The person who loses all their Pokemon first is the winner of the match, and advances. If you wish to change your teams between rounds, you must PM me before the deadline of the current round. Otherwise, I will just PM your opponent the last team that you sent me at the start of the next round.


Battles must be completed on Pokemon Showdown! or Pokemon Online if both players agree.

Clauses/Banlists which must be enforced:

  • OHKO Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • WiFi Clause
  • Timed Battle (if you time out, you will not advance to the next round)
  • No Ubers
  • Evasion Clause
  • You may not use unreleased Pokemon or items
Tournament Specific Rules (Please read carefully):
  • Attempts to use trickery to lose (and therefore win) will result in a disqualification. This includes quitting the game to lose, timing out to lose, and other such scenarios.
  • You are only allowed one Pokemon with a Choice item per team, as it limits the freedom of the opponent in battle through team building.
  • Each Pokemon must have 4 moves, unless it cannot learn 4 moves (eg. Unown).
  • Each Pokemon is only allowed 2 STAB moves, as it limits the freedom of the opponent in battle through team building. If a Pokemon cannot have 2 or less STAB moves yet still comply with the "four moves per Pokemon" rule, then you may break the four-moves rule, but you must state that when you submit your team. Dual typing Pokemon are still limited to 2 STAB moves (one of each type, or two of either type). This applies to attacking moves (i.e. moves with a Base Power) only; "Other" types of move do not count towards this rule (such as Calm Mind or Thunder Wave). Hidden Powers of STABbed types do count towards this rule (eg. Hidden Power Rock for Tyranitar).
  • If using Hidden Power at all, you must state the value of the IVs when you submit your team. Unless specified, IVs must all be at 31.
  • Happiness must be set to 0.
  • You are only allowed to switch 2 times per 5 turns. Switches do not carry over to the next 5 turns. This means you can switch 2 times during turns 1-5, then another 2 times during turns 6-10, another 2 during 11-15, and so on. The simulator will say what turn it is at the start of that turn, so you only need to keep track of switches to make sure you don't go over. Moves such as U-turn, Volt Switch, and Baton Pass do not count as switches.
You will need to think carefully about team building. On top of this, you'll have first hand knowledge of both teams, which makes prediction even trickier.


Cicada vs Sapientia
Solar Vapour vs Level 51
Lasagne21 vs VN
Maxou vs DC.
Eo Ut Mortus vs Nova
Anno Nyme vs HeroponRiki
Brap vs Soulwind
Chisposo vs Birkal
Pasy_G vs reachzero
Ezio vs llvallejoll
ModestGarchomp vs Nglittleguy
DarkLoic vs McMeghan

Deadline for Extension will be 9th August 00:00am GMT+1. For everyone else the deadline is the 14th August 00:00am GMT+1.
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lost to advance, thanks for being a good opponent

nearly lost to a stupid ps glitch with happiness despite frustration working game 1
Activity wins for: DarkLoic, Birkal as there opponents still haven't submitted a team and also Anno Nyme because apparently he has contacted the opponent.

Coinflip wins for: Cicada, Level 51, DC., reachzero

ModestGarchomp and Nglittleguy get an extension due to my own error.

If you disagree with my decision because you have been contacting your opponent by pm (which I have no way of knowing) please tell me.

Round 3 coming later.
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