The RU Open V - Round 2

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Contaced bigmidass on Saturday. He replied on Monday asking if we could play on the weekend. Has yet to reply/be online since monday. What would be the proper way of action in this scenario?
activity on my oppo, he replied to my day 1 pm yesterday asking what times i was available which i duly replied too. He hasnt replied since, leading me to believe he doesnt super care about getting this done; so i will update if he shows up at the time i scheduled.

E: did not show at scheduled time
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I still cant find my oppo, i contacted him several times but he didnt leave me data for playing to him, i wanna ask for a sub for him cause i want to play


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my opp has been on vacation for the whole round until today, he said he'd be back today though but activity posting for if he no shows.
Requesting an extension to the weekend, I pmed him on saturday but he replied on my monday. He is gmt -8 and me +1 so I can't play on week days~


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opponent signed on about an hour after the scheduled time and didn't respond to my "hmu when you're on" vm which is unfort imo. Act.


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won in 3 good games vs zomog where we both got luck at different points, well played and good luck in other opens, thanks for being sorta accommodating w/ scheduling!
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