The SabOUtage - Round 3


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Enact vengeance on your opponent if you lose and ''sabotage'' their game in the next round!
Are you ready to prevail until the end of the sabOUtage challenge?​



  • All regular tournament rules apply.
  • This is a standard SM OU tournament.
  • This tournament will be Single Elimination.
  • Rounds will be Best of One.
  • At the end of the match, every loser (starting from r1) will get to ban 2 Pokemon for their opponent's next round game.
  • These bans will only be based on Pokemon that the winner brought on their team. LOSERS CAN'T BAN UNUSED POKEMON.
  • The bans will reset in future rounds: Once the player finishes the next round (for example round 2), they will be able to use those two banned Pokemon in the upcoming round. (for example round 3).
  • The bans limit will change starting from quarter finals, the losers will be able to ban 3 Pokemon instead of 2.
  • In semifinals, the losers are going to ban 2 mons from their opponent and for the final round, the finalists are going to choose a mon they wish to ban on each other so it'll make a total of 3 Pokemon banned per finalist.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown! or Smogtours.
  • Please post the replay this is mandatory, your match will not count if no replay is posted.
  • Make sure to post alongside with the replay the logs/screenshots where your opponent mentions what mons they are banning.
  • Activity calls will be made by me with probably the neutral assistance from a TD, flips will be made on Pokemon Showdown!

Round 3

spatulakun vs. GW
LL vs. mael activity
85percent vs. (ice-master-523 vs.Ismail)
Bdlc vs. SoulWind activity

spatulakun -----------------------[Greninja & Mawile]
GW --------------------------------- [Mawile & Ferrothorn]

mael ------------------------------- [ Toxapex & Tapu Bulu]
85percent ------------------------ [Zapdos & Greninja]
Ismail ------------------------------ [Greninja & Ferrothorn]
SoulWind ------------------------ [Toxapex & Gliscor]

note - If your opponent doesn't appear here is because they didn't play in the previous round.
I encourage you to play your games you've signed up in the tour for it right :(


Extension deadline: Tomorrow at 6pm EST
Round Deadline: Sunday,
November 18, at 6pm EST

  • In this round the loser must ban 3 Pokemon instead of 2!
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bored predicts:

spatulakun vs. GW - going with the GW here, cuz they didn't ban Greninja from him. that's too op :I
LL vs. mael - hl of the round? the winner will likely be determined by who makes better use of activity calls.
85percent vs. (ice-master-523 vs.Ismail) - don't know any of 'em. gonna go with whom I feel has the highest chance of winning.
Bdlc vs. SoulWind - can't go wrong with SW imo. even tho banning pex and gliscor means hes playing without an arm and a leg :pikuh:

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