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Note to Moderators: Can you please stop fixing the Typo. I know it's supposed to be spelt "Challenge", & it is an eyesore amongst the other threads, but the reason why the typo is there is simple: Us Scramblers like the Typo there. We initially wanted the typo the Mattman(numbers) accidentally did to be fixed, but now we don't. We're used to the Typo now, & it is pretty much what makes this thread unique. Now, can we just leave it as "Challange" & move on from this. Thank you ~ Its_A_Random

EDIT: We now have an IRC channel! Credit goes to BUddha for setting up #Scramble.

Before you ask, no, this is nothing like a Nuzlocke challenge, and probubly isn't nearly as hard. But since I haven't found anything like it on this forums yet...

Welcome to Smogon's Scramble challenge thread! (Credit to all the other sites who have this up, and for the Serebii thread for the rules and #nuzlocke for making me post this.)

What is a Scramble challenge? A scramble challenge is a challange that you have no control of! That's right: You have to let others give you your pokemon! Wheather they want to be good and give you easy challenges (Like just giving you a pokemon), or giving you challanges that might even seem... unfair is entirely up to the posters.

The unbreakable, must be followed rules:

Rule 1: No duplacated pokemon.
Rule 2: No unevolvable Magicarps, Caterpies, Burmys... the useless pokemon. None of them. The full list of unallowed pokemon is...

Magicarp, Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Unown, Wurmple, Cascoon, Silcoon, Feebas, Krikitot, Burmy, Combee, and Tynamo.

Rule 3: No legendaries, please.
Rule 4: When you post to say what your challenge is, you must state what Game you are playing and if you can Trade or not.
Rule 5: First 6 people to post pokemon that are correct (through the rules) go on the team. You may only give out 1 pokemon per post per team. Teams built by 1 person (Even someone as random as me) tend to be lacking in creativity.
Rule 6: If you don't like a pokemon, and refuse to use it, when you post the challange you HAVE to say what it is and to not let it on. If someone posts a pokemon and you don't like it, and you never said no to it, to bad.
Rule 7: HAVE FUN. This may be a challange, but it is not meant to be mind bogglingly hard, and it is not meant to be frustrating. This is not playing Kaiso Mario, or doing a Nuzlocke challange. It may be hard, but perhaps, just MAYBE you will find something cool out. For example, FEAROW ended up being my MVP in a challange I did of FR because of Toxic and it's speed!

How to post a pokemon: If you want to post something, then do it like this.

*If you want to post a challange* I want a challange for Diamond, no trading.

*If you want a to post a pokemon* Mattman324, take a Krikitune. Name it "Tutuw00t", and it must know Fury Cutter.

Odd things that didn't fit anywhere else: Apperantly, the competitive nature of Smogon has driven some to Races. There are some special rules for races.

The normal Rules 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 are fully intact.

Rule 4 is intact, because both of you are playing the same game. -_-

Rule 5 is now this: Your opponent is now the one who decides what you use. As you can see down the page (Post 9), we both tried to give each other hard, but fair challenges, I expect the same.

Rule 6 is in no way intact. Use whatever techniques you can to stop your oppenent, as long as it doesn't break rules.

A new rule: If one of you has access to speed up via emulator, the other must as well. Plain and simple.

Have fun!

ANOTHER EDIT: The people in this challange seem to take pleasure to frustrating others with absolutely impossible challanges. Examples?

You must use a wingull named Gulliver, who cannot evolve unless it ko's 1 of wattsons pokemon 1 on 1 no items in a successfull victory for the badge. Also, it must learn Shock wave immediately after, and must use it to start of any battle, and used twice against any ground pokemon when it is switched in.
@Mattman: A Koffing that may only evolve after KOing 10 Trainer Pokemon with Selfdestruct/Explosion. It must also use Selfdestruct/Explosion at least once per badge and once per E4 member. Obviously, no restrictions on Revive usage.
Come on guys, this is suppost to be fun, not back-breakingly frustrating! If you would balk at doing it yourself, don't even consider posting it.

EDIT 2: Also, how did I forget Kricitot on the list? I mean, yeah STAB Bug Bite, but that's Plat only. Eh...

Random Edit(s): Just testing to see if I can edit this post properly as Mattman324 originally had the OP, It works. Thank you Haunter.
First, we have a social group called "The Scramble Challenge" (Although Challenge should've been called Challange, but anyways...), you can find the link to the group here or in my signature, feel free to join, & credit goes to user Galladiator for setting the group up.

Our current activities going on include the 3rd installment of the Scramble Premier League, which is about to kick off, & this season, we're going 5th Gen! This time, the tournament will be hosted by user auramaster, & you can check up on the latest action in the social group, & I do hope you enjoy this season of Scramble Premier League!

Andfor those who have questions to ask about these Scrambles...

  • Yes you can use non Scramblemons, but you can't use them in battle. The only time you can use them is when you don't have access to any yet...Or when doing a solo run (A One Pokemon Scramble) & you are forced into a double battle with two of your Pokemon. In other words, you're allowed to use HM Slaves.
  • A Solo is defined as defeating a Pokemon/Trainer/Whatever with one Pokemon. If you switch in another Pokemon while attempting the solo, then it is not a solo. In special cases where the solo is extremely hard (e.g. Gligar soloing Candice), then you can send a healer in, as long as it is all they do; act as death fodder while healing up the soloer. They may not attack at all.
  • If you don't specify a number for how many Scramblemons you want, then we'll assume you want 6 Pokemon.
  • Yes, if the challenge doesn't mention anything about evolving, then you can evolve your Scramblemon.
  • Yes the title is deliberately misspelt, but we like the title as it is, contrary to what it says several lines above. A Moderator (JabbaTheGriffin) even tried to fix the title, but changed it back after complaints rose.
  • The link to the social group is in this post & in my signature, If you hear anything about SPL or Scramble Awards in the thread, then they're usually announcements.
  • If a challenge is too hard for you, then ask the poster of the challange to modify it so it is easier to do.
  • If you're posting a challenge, specify the version you're playing, whether you can trade or not& the difficulty of the challenge. You may also specify what Pokemon you want/do not want on your team, but the first three need to be specified.
  • No, you can't give out Mono-Type-Pokemon like Mono-Electric Pachirisu; It's a signature challenge given out by user Treadshot A1. These Pokemon are ones that can only use moves of one type in battle & they are always Pokemon that cannot evolve. While we're on the subject, you can't give out Berry Holding Pokemon like Cheri Berry Zubat either, because it's my signature challenge. =P
And anymore as soon as I can find some.

And without further ado, Happy Scrambling!

I love the scramble challenge. I'll do one on Emerald. No trading. Everything must be obtainable before the fifth gym, at least one Pokemon must look like a dog. Nicknames are fine, but specific moves or specific evolution requirements aren't allowed.

I'll edit this post when I get my final team.

EDIT: Final team:

-Mightyena (Cerberus)
Mattman324, take an unown. Name it "hairy balls", and it must know hidden power [poison].

is this how this thread is supposed to work?
Unown, I KNEW I missed one!

The thread works like this. Someone posts a game they are going to play, and if they can trade or not, and other people give them pokemon.

Lonewolf, take a Mightyena. It must know Bite, and may only evolve if it is always out during the battle against Tate and Lisa.
I'm a little confused about this so I have two things for Lonewolf.

Get a Wurmple and name it Mothra, if I'm allowed to post Wurmple, considering it's allowed to evolve. Beautifly was one of my best Pokemon in my Bug only run.


Get a Poochyena and name it Cerberus. There's you dog right there.

I'd do this challenge myself but I'm probably going to stick with Nuzlocke for a while.

Edit: Actually, come to think of it, I think I'll try this on Platinum once I fininsh Nuzlocke on Heart Gold, since I'm going to beat the Pokemon League, tomorrow. So then...

I want a challenge for Platinum. No saving, and thus no trading/underground. (I won't truely restart it since I can't trade over the event Pokemon to Heart Gold right now.) No completely rediculous nicknames like HairyBalls. BTW, it wouldn't fit without the space. I reserve the right to discount move restrictions, although, I don't think it will be an issue. At least one must be obtainable by Roark, two by Gardenia, etc. I think I'm alright with any Pokemon besides the ones like Unown.
I'll try this on RUBY.
My rules:
-No Relicanth
-At least 3 Pokemon must be obtainable by Brawley, and 4 by Wattson.
-I will NOT be trading.
-No glaring type weaknesses.
-No forced grinding.

Team so far:
Gyarados (Titan): Must always know a physical move
Wingull: Can't evolve until defeating Phoebe


Lonewolf, use something in the Slakoth family.
Get a Wurmple and name it Mothra, if I'm allowed to post Wurmple, considering it's allowed to evolve. Beautifly was one of my best Pokemon in my Bug only run.
You are allowed to have Wurmple, but it must be allowed evolution no matter what.

DDRMaster, take a Biberal. Name it "Bigmouth", and it must have 2 water attacks.

rayquazamaster, take a Gyarados. Call it "Titan", and make sure it ALWAYS knows a physical move.
Alright, it should be pretty easy to keep water moves on it. Just so I'm clear on the rules, I'm allowed to catch a Bidoof in the begining and use it before it has two Water moves, right? But once it has two Water moves I can't delete them.


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so me and mattman are doing a race of pokemon blue

his team:
golbat, must be first wild capture, must know leech life, must be named CLAUDE

bulbasaur, no non attack moves, can not evolve until misty into ivysaur, can not evolve into venusaur before silph, must be named BALBOA

flareon, must be evolved immediatley, no HM moves, must be named FIREFOX

muk, must not be evolved until victory road, can only use poison and normal moves, must be named GRIMACE

hitmonchan, must be level 40 before sabrina, needs to know seismic toss, must be named BALD BULL

electrode, must know selfdestruct/explosion at all times, must be level 25 before lavender town, must be named BOOGALOO

my team:

Beedril, named "Argleblarg". Must know one Poison move and one Bug move at all times. If this means keeping nonoffensive moves, then it means keeping nonoffensive moves.

Gyarados named "Leviathan". Must be CAUGHT.

Graveller (Or Golem, I guess). May evolve into Graveller if it manages to take down 1 of Erika's pokemon. Must have Dig. Name it "Rockin Man"

Pidgeot named "Speedracer". Must have BOTH of it's STABs accounted for if possible.

Charizard named "DracoMalfy". May evolve into a Charmeleon after learning Flamethrower, and into Charizard after getting 6 Gym Badges.

"Hugemanate" the Dewgong. May know any Ice move other than Ice Beam.


DDR use tropius, must only know grass and normal moves, must be level 55 before your final rival battle before the E4

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rayquazamaster you HAVE TO use wingull but no evolving it until after you beat phoebe of the elite four. name it dipshit.

shit me i'll do this on...diamond


tfw you wanna be a peco but you're just a wenge
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you must use piplup and cannot evolve it to prinplup until after gardenia, and can't evolve it to empoleon until Lake Valor (galactic)
Alright this gives me even more of a reason to finally play through my Emerald version.

I am accepting an Emerald Scramble Challenge. I have no restrictions outside of the OP rules except I won't be able to trade. Throw whatever you want at me. :)

@Bad Ass, You must use a Luxio. No evolving it to Luxray.

EDIT: Woot 100th post.

EDIT2: Oh lord. I feel like I went pretty light on Bad Ass now.
Current Team
Seviper (ACTRAISER) Only Poison/Dark moves; No base power over 60.


tfw you wanna be a peco but you're just a wenge
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heh ok

you must use a seviper, no attack with a base power higher than 60, name it ACTRAISER
iamnotiangibson, take a Trace Ralts (HA HA HA HA HA! Good luck with THAT!) named "Psycokiler". You must kill every wild pokemon you fight searching for it. It may only know 2 attacking moves.

Bad Ass, take a Tentacruel named "Druid". He must know Swords Dance.
I want to do this on my Heart Gold, but on the condition that the pokemon be cute and that I be given a color/type to work from... Gimme something that has at least four--Pink Normal or Blue Water come to mind!

I can trade...
Yes. If they don't say "it can't evolve", then it can.

As for now? Maybe after my race with Rodan tommorow (Which should be mostly brodcasted on #nuzlocke). BTW, those teams could be looked at, you'll note a few things I did to try and slow him down.
Iamnotiangibson, take a Plusle (psuedo random number generator FTW!). Name it Pikachu2. Do whatever you want with it because it sucks.

Team so far (for Platinum):

Bibarel (Bigmouth): Must know 2 water attacks.

Tropius: Can only know normal and Grass attacks (if it happens to know more when I get it, I won't use them). Must be at Lv. 55 when I fight my rival the final time.

Also, my old question never got answered.

Alright, it should be pretty easy to keep water moves on it. Just so I'm clear on the rules, I'm allowed to catch a Bidoof in the begining and use it before it has two Water moves, right? But once it has two Water moves I can't delete them.


tfw you wanna be a peco but you're just a wenge
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you, oh and i should clarify

you use it to face magma/aqua, since you wont have it at the beginning, face them with whatever
@Cipher Admin Lovrina, if you're going for the pink/normal thing, take a Miltank that can only use Normal type moves.

@DDRMaster, use a Kadabra (no evolving) that cannot have more than 2 attacking moves, one of which is Confusion.

@ChuckMyNorris, use a Numel. No Ground or Normal type moves.

Current Team (Emerald)

Seviper (ACTRAISER) Only Poison/Dark moves; No base power over 60.
Ralts (Psycokiler) Must have Trace. KO every pkmn searching for it. Max 2 attacking moves
Plusle (Pikachu2) No rules.
Imo this kind of shit should be left to Serebii. Because there isn't that much to discuss and this isn't competitive to begin with.
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