The Second Round of the Second Tournament of Second Chances

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One day left. Get em done. This won't be like last round. I will be flipping all matches if not completed by tomorrow night.


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So, I tried to schedule a time with Jabba for playing during all the week, and all the times I asked him for playing he was afk or he couldn't, and we scheduled to play today but he wasn't online at that time. I will stay online for one hour trying to catch him.


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I sent emirinho a VM early on and we scheduled a time but he never showed up. I've been available and on the forums/irc for most of the week, and he never responded to the VM I sent last, despite being on since then. I'll keep waiting, though.

tl;dr: Activity post.
Scheduled a kinda late time with Amell so it's partly my fault, but the last time he's been online is the eleventh and he hasn't replied since.
Just finished updating the OP with "obvious" activity wins. If you feel you were unjustly given an activity loss, plead your case.

Also, you have 24hrs to make an activity post, or else I will flip a coin for your match. Of course, that also means you have 24hrs to complete your matches, which would be preferred.


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What Temptation said. I'm flipping burgers right now so i won't be home 5hrs later. by that time, hes snoozing in bed already...
Dropping out due to some irl stuff.
Sorry, i thought i had already posted this. if i'd known i hadn't i would've told you sooner.
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