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Thank you for the time you’ve put into zu, it’s been the best sub-community I’ve been a part of in smogon, and it’s sad to see you go. Nonetheless I wish you good luck in your life and I hope you find enjoyment somewhere else.


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Thank you for all you did for ZU and the community. ZU has grown so much since you became TL. When you became TL the playerbase was very limited. However you still managed to put a lot of effort in the tier, writing very detailled posts in the previous forum. You contributed a lot to develop the tier, and without you a lot of us wouldn't even play the tier. ZU is one of the few things that still makes me love playing on Showdown and without the work you and the other staff member putted in, I wouldn't be still there.
I hope everything will go well for you in the future.


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Im sorry I dont know you and I haven't played a single ZU game yet but it's always something when someone quits, especially if you were a TL of the tier from what ive heard? Take care and gl irl dude
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