The Smeargle's Studio Music Megathread

Ooh, a music thread! Should be fun. :D

I'll start with a brief self-introduction. I currently play piano (14 years) and clarinet (10 years). In addition, I've been studying music theory for 11 years and composition for 7. Last year, I also started singing and playing drums regularly, though my experience with both goes further back than that. I know how to play guitar as well, but I'm not any good at it.

Well, now that all of that is out of the way, here are two pieces I've written! These are not technically recordings, but instead exported from Sibelius.

For Hannah: A song I wrote as a Christmas present to my girlfriend. Short, melodic, and beautiful... kind of like her!

Movement Three, Vivace: Much more complicated than the first one. This is the third movement of a six movement sonata for two pianos I've been working on, and the only one completed to date. Lately, I've hit a bit of a roadblock with this piece.

Well, if anyone actually reads this thread, let me know how you like these, and I'll post more if I end up writing anything even halfway decent. (I'm very critical of my own work.)


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Gosh darnit, people who can actually do music showing me up. Looks like I'll have to get rid of you somehow...

They're great though! I would love to hear some singing from you.
Alchemator, I enjoy your songs, and you have a nice voice! Do you play other instruments besides guitar?

I'll probably be posting some singing, and I'm also thinking about doing remixes of Pokemon music! Most of the ones I see on YouTube are crap, so hopefully I can contribute some good ones.

Also, more people need to post stuff here. Come on, guys!


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Alchemator, I enjoy your songs, and you have a nice voice! Do you play other instruments besides guitar?
Ooh, a fan!

I play a bit of bass guitar, but other than that not really. I was born into a line of pianists, but I can't say I've capitalised on any good genes I might have picked up somewhere.

I'm looking forward to you posting more stuff!


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...we have a music thread?! I need to replace my flute and get a new keyboard, then you won't be all alone in here, lol!

Alch, I really love your voice, and your songs are beautiful. I especially like your newest one and even caught myself singing along with it.


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So I had some stuff I recently made:

Random Instrumental So I just took my guitar, this weird flute-like, but not really flute instrument and beatboxed over it.

Another one One of my close friends requested me to make a song in under 45 minutes. So I came up with this.

MK Ultra

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More people should post here yeah.
I fuck about in garageband I guess?
Yeah I know there's a bit that's not mixed properly and isn't quantised before anyone points it out (maybe you can't tell idk).
I can play Piano and Xylophone (wtf how do you spell it in English) and I know maaaaaany songteksts. One problem. I can't sing. BUT I LOVE TO!
I'm also thinking about doing remixes of Pokemon music!
I realized I posted this in July 19 of last year, and have done mostly nothing since then, but I finally got around to making this remix of the Kanto gym leader theme from G/S/C! I didn't care for the HeartGold/SoulSilver version, so I decided to make my own in the style of the HG/SS Johto Elite Four theme (that one was well done). It's my first time using Logic Pro, so it's not perfect, but oh well.
I make up my songs but my lack of ability to play instruments or translate them into any form of musical notation prevents me from making anything of them.

So instead I dick around with Fl studio. Generally in C Major, because in FL's piano roll all instances of C have a giant black line beneath them, and its easy to just put notes on the white keys.
I also use mainly 4/4 time because though I like interesting time signatures they can be a pain in the ass to make sometimes.
I generally start with drums and eventually decide something else needs adding.

Here are songs I've made which adhere to those rules:


Short, sweet, with silly pitch bending antics:

A more laid back tune:

Some funky stuff going on here, found the sx synth zomg:

And here is a song which does not comply with the above rules. It uses an Arabic Scale (mostly C, but with an occasional key change), a wide variety of time signatures, alternating every now and then at at one point using three overlapping signatures with little purpose or added effect. Mostly its 5/4.
Also it starts with a Harpsichord. <3 Harpsichord
best bit is probably from about 4:13 when the Harpsichord solo begins.


Oh also I've been listening to some of the other stuff in the thread. There's some cool stuff! I like MK's jazzy thing (5/4 time ftw)
BlackwaterPark's stuff is pretty cool too. For Hannah is rather nice.
Alch you have a nice voice, but your stuff all sounds fairly similar and (imo) a tad boring. I certainly wouldn't say it's bad though.
well i play the guitar and im in a couple of minor school bands i can sing pretty good too (but not while playing the guitar, i cant multitask...) but i have no idea if i can get to recording anything I also have written two songs

oh well this still looks like a fun thread to keep half an eye on...
along with all other cool stuff i gotta get round to doing


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Oh wow, I have never seen this thread. Well, I'm a music major and I've had to compose some stuff for class! I'll pull up two of them for fun. I didn't have to perform either of these pieces, so they're both in .midi format. Sorry about that.

The Transcendent Tuba - I composed this piece as part of my final last year for Theory 2. It's a solo for tuba accompanied by xylophone and piano. I chose to write in the key of Ab major because it's a great key. The word "transcendent" means masterful, and that is exactly what I'd expect of any tuba player who could ever play this. I utilized a huge range (the last note is the second highest note that can physically be played on a tuba) and just had fun with it. We didn't have to perform our pieces this time around, so I went all out. This is one of the only compositions I've written that I actually like, heh. Enjoy!

A Nimble Frolic - When we were assigned to write a minuet, I rolled my eyes. I am not a huge fan of minuets; they can be so bland and boring. I decided to spice things up by a) writing this in 9/8 time and b) write it in B major with five sharps (transposes to F# major in the B section). I also chose to write it in a really "putsy" fashion because I just don't like minuets. I finished it off by giving it a silly title that reflects on how stupid minuets are. I hope you at least enjoy, haha.

If you guys wanna hear more stuff, just lemme know =) Don't wanna clog up the thread, haha.
That's some really good stuff Birkal :) extreme guts required to write something in 9/8 so kudos to you. I think the only the thing I would change would be the dynamics in the frolic as they seem a bit wishy-washy and not going anywhere but maybe it's just the recording. Need to get some more practicing in for the bassoon and guitar!


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Birkal~~ That minuet was the one you linked to me a while ago, yes?

I played the tuba solo for a friend of mine who plays tuba and they were awestruck, haha. Sounded really nice though, would love to see more! :)
This is really good stuff guys. I am a clarinetist and a soprano/alto/tenor (I can sing all three!), and i can also play a little bit of the keyboard. I will try to post some of my music at some point but I am more of an instrumental composer because I can't get my head around lyrics. I am currently studying GCSE Music in a High School in Africa so it is kinda hard for me to get into any big bands etc.

I particularly love BlackwaterPark's Movement three: Vivace. I only have one question, When can I get the sheet music. It's awesome!


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I had typed up a big story with character background and stuff (which I eventually looked back on and through tldr). Instead, I'll just say that I'm currently writing a cartoon series that is heavily influenced by music, as the two main characters are musical-cyborg girls in their very late twenties. As of now I'm calling it: The Noteworthy Musical Adventures of Mella and Ella.

As far as the two protagonists know, they're sisters, regardless of their skin color or overall appearance. Mella (on the left with the 3-necked bass guitar) loves bass and loves hardcore electronic music even more. Ella (on the right playing the hologram keyboards) is a happy hardcore music enthusiast. Having said that, this show is going to focus a lot on 90's culture.

I've written a few jingles and stuff, but I'm just going to test the waters with a couple songs I've been working on currently:
One of Ella's happy hardcore jingles.
One of Mella's Hardcore jingles.
Both are clearly far from finished (and will probably be thrown out when it comes to buckling down on the music portions of the series), but I've just been throwing around ideas for now since my primary concern has been writing the show's script.

I have a bunch of other stuff if anyone is interested, but its all along the same genre, more or less. I know most people aren't fans of HHC or hardcore ♥.


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Man HHS, you have some solid compositions there. I specifically love the drop in Ella's theme at 1:10. Your use of dynamics is really spot on and the entire theme is very upbeat and cheery. I think you really captured the musical essence of what you were shooting for in comparison to your drawing! I would recommend that during the "piano solo", you add the synth in first before the snare. Dunno, it might be something you want to play around with. Mella's Hardcore jingle is cool too, but I wish it'd have a more solidified ending (not sure if it's done yet or not, so...) Haha, but overall great stuff! I know I'd love to hear some more.

In terms of my own compositions, I'm finishing up my piano sonata exposition for my Theory IV final within the next few weeks! I'll be sure to post it here when I'm done.


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Ugh, sorry for the double post. I just have some new stuff that I thought I'd share with you guys. I hope you enjoy!

Smogon Melody (Rough Draft) - Umm, what? Lemme explain myself. Since Smogon is a University, I have always wondered why it doesn't have a fight song or something! I sat down at the piano and doodled around until I found some chords that I thought were in a singable range. I then just kinda had at it and this melody/chord progression was born. It's a pity you can only hear the midi; I really jam on this thing in real life and add a lot of extra stuff (maybe I will record myself live sometime). While I don't think I'd ever "officialize" this or something for Smogon, it's a neat bit of the piece's history.

Now, I have a Theory Four final, and I need to compose an entire sonata exposition for it. I decided to steal this melody and utilize it as my primary theme. I've got a bunch of rough notes on a completely different secondary theme (it's kind of like an African chant) and some closing material, but right now I'm working on the bridge from the primary into the secondary. The piece has no dynamics or phrasing or anything right now; it's simply notes. I even kinda stopped with the left hand at the end because I was bored, lol. I'll be sure to post my final draft here when I'm done.

??? Theme (Outro) - I wrote this piece about a month ago on a Saturday for fun. Some users on Smogon requested a theme song, so I hopped to it. It's a pretty simple chord progression, but I like how the different parts work together; I worked with a very large orchestration for this piece. I also made a fun little outro, so I hope you enjoy that too!

Since this piece was inspired by a lot of Smogoners, note that they influenced specific parts of this piece. I am not sure who all I assigned to which parts, but I remember that az is on lead saxophone for sure. Naturally, I'm on the piano part, and I'm pretty sure Fate plays one of the instruments in the banjo/ukulele duel. Also, you can hear tennisace's snazzy cowbell solo towards the end of the piece. I hope you like it!

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